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16 Curveball Questions For The Next GOP Debate

Megyn Kelly (all crazy aside) did a pretty excellent job in the first GOP debate, but she did throw quite a few softballs. Seriously Megyn, "When did you become a Republican?" that's not nearly tough on old Donald! Here are my suggestions for how to up the ante in the next debate.

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2. Which of your children do you hope will carry on your political legacy?


It's important if we're going to have another Bush (or a first Trump/Paul/Rubio) in office that we know exactly which of their children will be responsible for leading our country in roughly 40 years. I demand stricter background checks on all the Rubio children (especially the tiny one)!

3. What are you going to do about all the Canadian's legally emigrating into the United States?


Forget our pleasant southern neighbors for a minute and tell us how you're going to stop these bear-riding syrup junkies from taking over our country!

9. What scandal would you like to define your Presidency?


Chris Christie gets this question off since he's already dealing with 'bridgegate' (I feel like there's still plenty of unexplored puns in that area, btw).

10. What subject would you like us to avoid talking about?


Whether it's your attempt to keep Confederate monuments up in your home state, your recent change from eclectic businessman to political candidate, or the fact that you unsuccessfully ran for President in 2012, just let us know what the sore subjects are.

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