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13 Tips For Traveling Better This Summer (At The Expense Of Others)

We all know how awful it an be going to the airport. Here are my personal tips for making the most out of a difficult situation.

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2. Bum a Ride to the Airport


Friend or family, it doesn't really matter. One of the easiest ways to save money and hassle is by exploiting a personal relationship to relieve the hassle of driving to the airport.

3. Arrive less than an hour before your flight.

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Everyone knows the best way to get what you want at the airport is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

6. Grab the middle-seat and establish armrest dominance.


Many travelers actively avoid the middle-seat, but not you, you savvy traveler. Board early (or late if you're not one for standing in line), snag a middle seat, and then hold on to those armrests with everything you've got.

8. Try to stand up for the entirety of the flight.


Get up as soon as possible during your flight. Being in the aisle will allow you to de-plane at an expedited rate, and your fellow passengers will certainly thank you for it.

9. If you panic, go stand in the bathroom.


The comforting aromas of chemical cleaners will do wonders for your nerves, and cramped spaces are known to have healing qualities. Your fellow passengers will certainly be respectful of you taking as long as necessary.

11. Live-Tweet your whole experience.


Tweeting about your experience will let your friends and family know just how much you're enjoying it. Make sure you @ your airline of choice too so they know they're doing a good job.

13. Run through traffic towards whomever is picking you up.


The fastest way to expedite your exit from the arrival terminal is by running through traffic. Many travelers don't know this, so you should encourage them to partake as well.

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