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12 Signs You Might Be Adulting Too Hard

"With great age, comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's Dad, in every Spiderman movie ever. You're getting older, and according to the transitive property, you're also getting more responsible. You might be adulting a little too hard though, so why not dial it down a notch.

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3. If You Can't Find Parking Near the Party, You Turn Around and Go Home


If you live in a major city, I understand your plight. Sometimes it's near-impossible to find a spot to leave your car, even for an hour. THAT IS NOT A REASON TO BAIL. Acceptable reasons to bail: death in the family, major health issue, Florence Welch is doing a surprise solo-show at your favorite bar. That's it.

5. You're the Go-To Dog Sitter When Your Friends Go to Vegas


Don't get me wrong, this guy has a cute face, but you shouldn't be the one always left behind to pick up after Puddles here when your friends are drinking in a pool and losing all their disposable income!

6. You Collect Moving Boxes


You're not even planning on moving anytime soon, but you've still got 15 of these suckers stashed under your bed. "They were a hassle to get" you cry! Boo hoo! It's a box, stop whining and give it to some other hoarder.

8. You've Been To the Post Office More Than Once This Year


Sometimes you're moving, leaving the country for a few weeks, or have a large package to send. Those are all perfectly acceptable reasons to go. But if you have to go TWICE in a year, you're definitely adulting too hard.

10. You Maxed Out Your Annual Contribution to Your IRA


Seriously, man! Do you know how many weekend getaways this could've paid for? Like three! Okay, maybe only two good ones, but we could probably fit a low-budget one in there somewhere!

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