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    • Response to Orwell Or Obama?:

      Alright, for all you red team or blue team die hards….lets imagine we let the potential for govt. manipulation go unchecked. As of right now, the red team is feeling the heat and anyone with an open mind can see where the mechanism is in place for the abuse of power. Perhaps it’s being used, and perhaps it’s not. But it does exist. Maybe you love the current administration, or maybe you fear it…the fact remains there are no promises as to what the future will bring. Perhaps your team won’t be on top next round, or the one after. Will you be afraid then? If your opinions are being monitored then eventually you will end up on the wrong side, that is if your not there already. I don’t see it as being paranoid to notice an increasingly small distance between expressing your opinion, and being viewed as “anti-government”. There have been a whole lot of folks that didn’t agree with whatever our personal opinions are, but went ahead and died for our right to have them and be able to speak out as we see fit. Lets all try to make ourselves worthy of that. Speak out for our Constitution.

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