10 Non-FIFA Football Video Games You Should Totally Get Into

Read it and weep (or cheer).

1. Football Manager 2014

Sports Interactive / Via youtube.com

For the football fan who would rather manage than, you know, play.

Play it here.

2. Nintendo World Cup Soccer

Nintendo / Via youtube.com

It should be called Nintendo World Cup Football, but I’ll let it slide.

Play it here.

3. LEGO Soccer Mania

Sony / Via youtube.com

So those “worst” games I mentioned in the headline… yeah

Get it here.

4. Mario Strikers Charged

Nintendo / Via youtube.com

Mario + Football = Pure Awesomeness

Play it here.

5. Finding Neymar

It’s like Where’s Waldo meets the World Cup.

Play it here.

6. Animal Soccer World

Sony / Via youtube.com

And here we have another one for the “worst” list.

Get it here.

7. Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition

Zombies and soccer? Sure. Because why not, right?

Get it here.

8. Sega Soccer Slam

The Sega Corporation / Via youtube.com

Football gets NFL Blitz-ized in this overlooked near-classic game.

Get it here.

9. Sensible Soccer

Let’s take it back (again) with this definitive classic.

Play it here.

10. Five-A-Side Football


Play here.

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