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What Companies Will You Always Be Loyal To?

Tell us about the companies that never make you want to give your money to any other brands.

We all have a limited amount of money that we can spend.

Walt Disney

That's is why it's so important that when we *do* spend some of those hard-earned dollars, they go toward something that's gonna last.

Metro Pictures / Buster Keaton / Three Ages

For example, I've had these socks for over FIVE YEARS and have worn the shit out of them... but they still keep on trekking. Darn Tough (the company that makes them) guarantees them for LIFE. I fucking love these.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

If these somehow catastrophically fail on me, I can send them back and they'll ship me a replacement. Not a whole lot of companies stand by their product like that.

Maybe you've bent the knee to Sally Hansen because they've got salon-quality polish with drugstore-level prices.

Or Apple. Because they actually care about the privacy of their users.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Also their laptops last for years.

There are a lot of companies out there that just feel like they are just doing things right. Maybe you've had an experience with one that really went above and beyond your expectations. Those are the companies we want to hear about.

So tell us about a company that now and forever has your loyalty. Your submission could end up being featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!