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17 Refreshing Products For When You Don’t Have Time To Shower

Only the stuff that makes scents.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We've all woken up late, thrown on some clothes, and ran out the door in a hurry. Sometimes there's just not enough time to hop in the shower and quickly wash off. That's OK! We're here to help, with some ~tricky~ but useful products that will leave you smelling great!

5secondfilms / Via

1. These Japanese blotting papers ($12) that will absorb the excess oil on your skin.


Most promising review:

"I agree with all the positive reviews—and even some of the negative ones. I have experimented with a lot of these kind of tissues and the Tatcha are the best I have ever used."

Critical Consumer

Get them here.

2. These body wipes ($6) that campers use to get by in the wilderness.


Most promising review:

"These wipes are large, tough, and unscented which makes them suitable for all sorts of clean up tasks from washing your face to cleaning cookware to the obvious of using them as a replacement for toilet paper which is where they really shine."

Michael Scofield

Get them here.

3. This stylish headband ($15) that makes it look like your hair situation is on lock.


Most promising review:

"I have worn this headband to work on multiple occasions to hide my crazy frizzy hair, heated yoga, and running around town doing errands. I want to eventually get one in every color."


Get it here.

4. These sweat-proof shirts ($25 to $29) that are also odor-resistant.

Thompson Tee
Thompson Tee

Most promising review:

"I wear it under a costume for a theatre production, and it is a life saver. I sweat a lot during the show, and have tried every thing to stop the sweat from going through my costume. Nothing has worked... Until now!"

Lauren Lewis

Get the women's T-shirts here. Get the men's t-shirts here.

5. This hair powder ($31) that will leave your hair feeling clean and voluminous.

Bumble and Bumble

Most promising review:

"This product is hands down the best dry shampoo ever PLUS the best hair product over all I have used. It's superb for absorbing oil and the lift in volume and style are remarkable."

Deb McKee

Get it here.

6. These antiperspirant towelettes ($19) that stop sweating for days.


Most promising review:

"Sweat Block has been so effective for me for this problem that it almost qualifies as a miracle drug."

John Thomas

Get them here.

7. This dry shampoo ($9) for when you wake up late and need to leave, like, NOW.


Most promising review:

"I have tried several dry shampoos ranging from inexpensive to pricey and this is hands down the best. It is the only one that does not make my hair waxy or stiff feeling."

Jen Fordham

Get it here.

8. This timeless baby powder ($11) that wicks away sweat and neutralizes odors.

Johnson's Baby

Most promising review:

"Baby power is good for babies and adults. I love the smell and it works anywhere you need protection against moisture."

Madison T. Edwards

Get it here.

9. This tiny air freshener ($6) that you can put in your pocket or bag when you leave home.

Procter & Gamble / Via

Most promising review:

"These little clips do the trick! I feel so much better. Happier, calmer, and no more stinky mildew smell."

Penny Name

Get it here.

10. This fabric odor neutralizer ($10) to spray over those pants you haven't washed in months.


Most promising review:

"I probably use this way too often but only because it makes everything smell great."

Kizu Rai

Get it here.

11. This bath substitute ($36) that removes your dead skin and odor with one single packet.

Headboy Industries Inc

This bath-substitute lotion is for those who are really roughing it or just don't have the time to shower. One packet is enough to cover your entire body and leave you feeling fresh.

Get it here.

12. This 12-pack of fragrant gum ($7) that will cover any lingering odors.


Most promising review:

"I took a pack of this gum on a group trip last weekend and everybody who tried it fell in love with it."

Rocket Jones

Get it here.

Personal note: I chew this gum all the time and its smell is really strong.

13. This body powder ($8) that everyone low-key knows about.

Gold Bond

Most promising review:

"I have used this product for over 3 years and I would recommend it to anyone. It smells great, feels like silk on the skin and it keeps you cool and dry."

veronica brownlee

Get it here.

14. This dry body brush ($20) for quick exfoliation.


Most promising review:

"I am very pleased with my dry brush. After a week, my skin already feels so much better."

Elizabeth Bourn

Get it here.

15. This moisturizing shaving cream ($7) that you can use wet or dry.


Most promising review:

"A last minute party invitation had me shaving dry. While I still used my tub faucet to rinse out my razor, I was able to have not just smooth, but silky smooth legs!"


Get it here.

16. This perfume ($40) that is designed to smell shower-fresh.


Most promising review:

"Wonderful clean, warm but refreshing scent. A little like fresh sheets on a clothes line with a hint of sunny warmth."


Also available as a body lotion ($26).

Get it here.

17. And this fucking giant wet wipe ($20) that you can use on your whole body.

Epic Wipes

Yes, you read that right. Regular-sized wet wipes weren't enough for the world. So Epic Wipes took the wheel of destiny into their own hands and brought wet wipes up to an entirely new level. Each Epic Wipe is over 2 feet long, so you can clean your entire body with just one towel.

Get it here.

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