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17 Clever Products That May Actually Make You Start To Like Winter


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Bear gloves for the grizzly cold.

Get a pair on Amazon for $7.

2. A windshield frost guard so you'll never have to break out the scraper again.

Get one from Amazon for $25.

3. A super thick knit blanket made from 100% Merino wool.

Get one from WoolArtDesign on Etsy for $65

4. A heated outdoor house for your pet (to keep 'em nice and toasty).

Get one from Amazon for $61.

5. Inflatable snowshoes that you can keep in a bag until you really need them.

smallfoot_inflatable_snowshoes / Via

Get a pair from Small Foot for $171.

6. Rechargable heated insoles to keep your boots warm for hours.

Get a pair from Amazon for $70.

7. Cleats that add traction to your existing shoes.

Get a pair from Amazon for $17.

8. Faux fur high tops for when it's cold... but you want to keep it casual.

Get a pair from Nordstroms for $75.

9. A light therapy lamp that may improve your mood when the weather is keeping you down. / Via

Get one from Amazon for $40.

10. A warm onesie because they are fucking comfortable.,

Get the men's one from ASOS for $53.

Get the women's one for $31.

11. A kickable soccer disk for when it's too snowy to play outside.

Get one from The Grommet for $16.

12. An electric blanket you can sneak your feet into when you're at your desk.

Get one from Amazon for $55.

13. A heated rack you can throw all your wet and cold stuff on to dry off.

Get one from Amazon for $59.

14. Premium hot chocolate to cuddle with as you look across a snowy landscape.

Get some from Amazon for $15.

15. A knit nose warmer that nose how to make you look spectacular.

Get one from Amazon for $10.

16. A hand warmer that can also charge your phone in a pinch.

Get one from Amazon for $35.

17. And knit coffee sleeves (because you're not the only cold one).

Get some from NevadaKnits on Etsy for $24.

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