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    17 Ways To Make Pictures You Take On Your Phone Look So Much Better

    The best camera is the one you carry with you.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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    1. Use a quality wide angle lens that'll let you capture more of a scene.

    Promising review: "Nicely designed, high-quality feel, and an easy to use lens that adds a significant and useful wide angle feature to the iPhone 6 (and others). I'm notoriously cheap and was certainly attracted to the less expensive competition. But, I've also learned important lessons about the difference between cheap and good value. At this price, there is complete satisfaction." —Tech been good to me

    Get one from Amazon for $89.

    2. Add more variety to your shots using a 4-in-1 lens kit.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love my Olloclip. It takes amazing photos--so much so that I have given up (for the most part) hauling around my large 'professional' type camera." —Lolita Boston

    Get one for the iPhone 6 for $80 or for the iPhone 7 for $99 at Amazon.

    3. Keep footage steady with an adjustable tripod mount that'll fit any size smartphone., Via

    Promising review: "Love this thing. I am officially a repeat customer of this company. I purchased one for my iPhone 5 and now I have this one for the 6. It's a completely new design and has some interesting features I was glad to discover." —Jason C.

    Get one from Amazon for $30.

    4. Use a tiny remote off-camera flash to add more points of light to your photos (when your built-in flash isn't enough).

    Promising review: "The product does exactly what it advertises. It is comfortable to use, gives off a good amount of light and has helped make me seem like a better photographer than I am. The different scenes provide excellent choices for nice touches." —Ira Friedman

    Get one from Amazon for $59.

    5. Get more ambitious shots with a flexible tripod that turns any pole or branch into a place to perch your phone.

    Promising review: "I bring this thing everywhere from the beach to hiking at 12,000 feet. I even use it when flying to hold my phone on the tray so it's closer to eye level when I'm watching movies on my phone. This tripod is very well made and I feel comfortable with it holding my phone without falling over, even in strong wind." —Passing Shot

    Get one from Amazon for $16.

    6. Upgrade your phone's picture quality with a full camera lens that allows any smartphone to become the viewfinder to a fancier lens.

    Promising review: "I like to have a camera (nicer than the one on my phone) with me on my backpacking trips and I got tired of lugging around my Samsung NX1000. This is the perfect solution. I already have my phone for maps and such and this camera is very lightweight and easily packable. It is also nice for group pics to mount it, see our picture, and fire from the phone instead of running back and forth." —jfam5128

    Get one from Amazon for $229.

    7. Gain more control over your camera exposure by tapping and holding in iOS.

    Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

    1. Launch the Camera app.

    2. Tap and hold on an area you want to lock focus on until you see the AE/AF Lock banner.

    3. Tap and slide on the Sun icon to adjust the exposure.

    Now you can control how dark or light all your photos will be without having to hunt and peck around for focus!

    8. Brighten up low light settings with a pocket spotlight.,

    Promising review: "I ordered this light to use with my old iPhone 4S in low light situations. I expected it to be bright, but WOW does this light live up to its name. After placing it on the included charger, I turned it on and was nearly blinded." —Brent Rusk

    Get one from Amazon for $30.

    9. Use a remote shutter release for more freedom for far away group photos.

    Promising review: " I can't believe how easy this is. All you need to do is pair it with your device and it works. It snaps the shutter in stills, or starts and stops the camera in video mode." —Joe Crescenzi

    Get one from Amazon for $7.

    10. Capture more of a scene using a rotating time lapse mount that allows you to set the speed and duration of 360 degree shots.,

    Promising review: "I've been having a lot of fun with this head. It isn't the best thing I've seen, but it is pretty good in general. What I like is that it will allow you to program the degrees covered, and how fast you want those degrees to be covered. I can tell it to move either clockwise, or counter clockwise, say over 100 degrees, and I can tell it to do so in 20 seconds for quick panorama shots with my cell phone, or I can tell it to cover that range over hours, should I want to do timelapse." —Douglas L. Sigler

    Get one from Amazon for $99.

    11. Download the VSCO photo editing app will get a lot of options for improving the look of your final photo.

    Get it free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

    12. Firmly mount and angle your phone with a mini stand.

    Promising review: "The MPod mini is a great 'all in one' solution for holding your smartphone at specific angle, for not a lot of money. Whether it's used for taking pictures or for entertainment, it is easy to use and just works. If you haven't used Joby stuff before, it is solid gear that you will enjoy owning for awhile." —Just Chris

    Get one from Amazon for $12.

    13. Share your best moments more easily with a tiny mobile printer that uses no ink.

    Promising review: "I got this device because I liked the concept of a portable printer that you take on the go. Also the fact that you get quick, zero-ink pics is something I really wanted to try. I was not disappointed—actually, I like this printer a lot and my friends around me had their mouths open when they saw it working." —Rami Jouda

    Get one from Amazon for $129.

    14. Move your phone up to a higher angle with a selfie stick.

    Promising review: "My search is over. This thing rocks. It covers all of the bases. No batteries required. Most importantly, the telescoping arm segments are snug enough that (when fully extended) the weight of the phone in an Otterbox does not rotate at the end of the stick. It stays upright and positioned exactly as intended. There is also a locking mechanism at the camera end to set the right vertical angle that you desire for holding up high or low." —Born in Kansas

    Get one from Amazon for $10.

    15. Add some depth to your pictures with a fancy camera attachment that turns any scene you look at into a 3D model.

    Check to see if your device is compatible here.

    Get one from Bevel3D for $89.

    16. Use your earbuds to take selfies.

    If you have earbuds that have the +/- volume control on them, you can use the + button to release the shutter on your phone.

    1. Open up your camera app.

    2. Make sure your earbuds are plugged in.

    3. Get in position and click the + button to take a picture.

    17. Get easier access to camera functions with a grip attachment that makes your phone feel and operate like a point and shoot camera.

    Get one from Indiegogo for $90.

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