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19 Ways To Keep Your Pets From Ruining Everything In Your Home

You love your pet... but you'd also love if they never got into the trash ever again.

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1. Adorable nail caps—a safe way to protect your household surfaces from scratches.

Promising review: "This is THE answer for dogs who slip on hardwood floors. I wish I'd found these sooner. Could've saved my dogs from a bunch of falls and my new floors from many scratches. At first we tried several types of dog footwear. If anyone decides to go that route instead, don't bother with expensive dog socks. These nail caps stay glued on for a month they say. We've had them on for three weeks so far, and they are holding up just fine." —edit6

Get a set from Amazon for $5 (available in sizes XS to jumbo).

2. An odor-eliminating candle to keep common areas smelling less like wet dog and more like fresh citrus.

Promising review: "The scent throw on this candle is pure and clean. I am not a fan of thick floral scents, and wanted something clean smelling and this is just what I was hoping for. I have not kept the candle burning for a long period of time. I find that after about 90 minutes I'm very pleased with the fragrance in the room and that is sufficient. If you have been looking for a candle to cover up a pet smell, you don't have to look any further. This is the candle to buy. I can't think of anything I don't love about this candle or this company." —Theresa

Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in 15 scents).

3. This food bowl that stays in place to catch loose kibble and water droplets before they hit your floor.,

Promising review: "Bought this for our three-month, 5 lbs. puppy. He's now eight months and 18 lbs. and it still serves him well. The legs have rubber backing so it stays in place and doesn't scoot around when your dog eats. The lower portion catches all the drippings and makes for easy cleanup, so no mats under the bowl is needed. The whole thing is so easy to clean and still looks brand new almost a half year later. Love this product!" —Momof4

Get it from Amazon for $20+ (available in small, medium, large, and cat-like sizes).


4. A waterproof seat cover to guard your seats from pet hair, scratches, and excitable leaks.

Promising review: "The material really is waterproof and thick so a larger dog who has nails won't pierce a hole in it. It even has little pipes to wedge between the backrest so it doesn't slide around. They are covered completely with nylon. It even has Velcro on the ends to kind of fold the cover so any liquid will stay in the cover. And stretchy straps that go under the seat alone with straps that go around the headrest." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $18.

5. A magnetic screen door your indecisive pet can push open to go outside whenever they want (so they don't claw up your "actual" door).

Promising review: "OK, all joking aside, this product is awesome! I have purchased three of the cheaper screens and my dog destroys them! Granted he is an 86 lbs. pitbull that charges through the screen at full speed. I bought this because of the lifetime warrantee. This screen is very well-made, the seams are heavy, and the magnets are built into the entire seam! The screen comes together every time, (well except for when the dog goes through so fast that the magnet sticks to the screen door)! I would recommend this over any of the cheaper screens. The quality is worth the extra price." —Mike A

Get it from Amazon for $27.

6. A deliciously soft pet bed so they can have a quiet space in the house to call their own (a place that's *not* your bed).

Promising review: "This dog bed is one of the best investments I have ever made! I can't tell you how many dog beds I have wasted my money on and my dogs don't even use them. Both of my dogs are OBSESSED with it! It is really easy to clean and lasts for a long time." —Eleisha

Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in six styles and sizes small to jumbo).

7. An indoor/outdoor rug to stop muddy prints from making an appearance indoors.

Promising review: "Love this rug! I have a concrete covered porch, and our dogs would always make it muddy and dirty. I always had a hell of a time trying to keep it clean. But with this rug, it gave our porch style. It looks very inviting, and you can't see any dirty paw tracks!" —Jennifer Davis

Get it from Amazon for $51 (available in 7 styles and 20 sizes).


8. A set of lint rollers because some pets shed so much you start to believe you'll never wear black clothing ever again.

Promising review: "We go through a lot of these with longhaired white cats in the house. This brand works very well, is sticky, and tears off where it's supposed to." —Great Cook

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11 (available in 1-,2-,3-,4-, and 5-packs).

9. This waterproof blanket for your bed or couch to save you from happy ~accidents~.

Promising review: "This blanket has already paid for itself. I have a senior dog and foster dogs also, and I had to finally just throw out my old couch and get a new one because it kept getting peed on and I couldn't get the smell out. I bought this to protect my awesome new couch from accidents. So far we have had just a handful of accidents on the couch and this blanket works so well. For the most part liquid will bead up and not even soak into the top layer of fabric, so I can just spot clean. I have only washed it once and found that it's best to rearrange the blanket in the machine after the first cycle and do a second spin to get the excess water out. I did not find that it took forever to dry — one cycle on my crappy dryer worked well enough." —MERoesler

Get it from Amazon for $99+ (available in twin, queen, recliner, and sofa versions).

10. A dog-proof trashcan to keep their curiosity at bay., Lib87 / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "I bought this can to keep my dogs out of the trash. When they say it's a pet-proof lock, they aren't kidding. It's been dragged through the house but the lock never budged!" —Matt Gilbert

Get it from Amazon for $50+ (available in six colors).

11. Some cheap-but-good training pads so their pee will never even make contact with your hardwood floors.

Promising review: "I will be buying these again. I've tried a number of puppy pads because I have a small toy dog and am pleased to report that these do a good job of absorbing urine and are affordably priced. They are not the thickest pad I have bought, but they do not leak. More important than thickness to me is how the pad curbs the flow of urine. Some like the Allmax are thicker pads but the urine spreads out too much and it will reach the dog's paws before she is done. The Amazon pads inhibit the spreading better, which for me is a big plus." —Buffy

Get it from Amazon for $9+ (available in 50, 100, and 150-count).


12. A pet hair roller to get deep down into your carpet and pull out those stubborn stray hairs., Geo / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "Dog or pet hair cannot simply be vacuumed up. Some hair will be picked up by a vacuum, but for the most part the hair will remain embedded in the carpet. I used the Fur-Zoff on the carpet of my car and it sure did the trick. It literally picked up the hair. And after you get the hair piled up just simply vacuum up the clump. Now I can understand why car detailers charge extra for pet hair removal. It is very tedious but well worth it." —Geo

Get it from Amazon for $11.

13. This pet corrector for safely discouraging your pets from barking or jumping with a unique hissing sound.

Promising review: "I am pretty amazed by this product. My goldendoodle puppy is rambunctious and loves to play. This causes barking and puppy biting to get attention. This product is fantastic. When almost nothing else works, this will at the very least help, and at the most, solve your problem entirely! My dog does not seem afraid of the can at all — it's more like he associates the hiss noise and air blast as a signal to stop doing something. I used it with barking first and would emit a hiss of air right when he would do the action. Soon, he only had to see the can as a warning. I'm now using it with his play biting. It's recommended that you tackle one behavior at a time. I am pretty impressed that this works as well as it does." —Amazon Customer

Get a 2-pack from Amazon for $21+ (available in 2-, 4-, and 9-packs).

14. This grooming mitt to remove loose hair and—bonus—give your pet a massage.

Promising review: "All three fur-babies and I are loving every brush session. I purchased this for my Golden Retriever Mix, Leo, when he sees his Furminator he runs! Now I pull out the Pet Glove and he runs to me. He enjoys that every brushing comes with a massage. He is currently shaved but the Pet Glove still gives me piles of hair. This pet glove is also working wonders on my red heeler, kali, and doxie mix. My heeler is in a constant state of blow out, I never knew how much hair could be pulled out of her undercoat and she also loves it. My doxie has short hair but doesn't lose much, so he just loves getting a mini massage. I easily can just pull the hair off the glove and throw it away." —Jennifer

Get it from Amazon for $13.

15. This air sanitizer that'll knock out even the most dense gas your pet can generate.

Promising review: "Every now and then, my pittie will run me out of the room with her gas and spraying typical air fresheners just made for flowery scented farts...which is worse than without any spray! I was a little hesitant to order, due to the price, but I trusted it would be worth it... and it is! This stuff is GREAT! It truly kills the odor, instead of just masking it with something that only makes it worse. Just a few quick presses and the room has a pleasant citrus scent that isn't overpowering. A bonus is that it doesn't trigger my asthma, as most air sprays seem to do. I highly recommend this if you have a gassy dog (or spouse, roommate, etc.,)...and even just for a general quick air freshener for when guests come over." —Pibble Momma

Get it from Amazon for $10+ (available in a 2- ,3- ,4- , 5- , and 6-pack).


16. A fur-removal broom that also has a squeegee on the other side (to help clean up any spilled drinking water, along with the piles of fur).

Promising review: "This thing just plain works. We got a mature golden retriever last year and were told he didn't shed. Then in the spring he started shedding badly. I found this product on a whim one day and knew it had to be better than my shoe! I ordered it and it was tough at first. The bristles pulled the hair up but then caught the tufts and spread them around. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile." —Nick V.

Get it from Amazon for $10+ (also available in a three-pack).

17. This solid scratching post to keep your cat's claws off the furniture., Eric Greathouse / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "After reading the reviews and losing all of my security deposit (and then some) from my last apartment due to my cat's constant scratching of the woodwork, I decided to try this item. I really had my doubts about my luck with it as my cat can be very fussy about being directed to do anything like where to scratch. Feeling I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try and I simply couldn't believe it. The cat dug his claws deep into the post while swatting at the cat toy and the rest is history. He became so interested in the scratching post that he forgot the toy. Afterwards, he tried to scratch the walls only a few times and just saying 'no' sent him to the nearby cat toy. I also want to comment on how sturdy this item is. It only took about a minute or so to assemble and is solidly constructed and not likely to tip over. I have a huge ragdoll cat with over 20 pounds of muscle, and he hasn't knocked it over yet. He vigorously uses the post now." —Johnny Robish

Get it from Amazon for $37.

18. A Furminator for performing follicle-related miracles by reaching deep into your pet's topcoat to remove loose hair., Amber / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This thing is ridiculous. You may think you've brushed the hair off your dog, but oh no, my friend, you haven't. Let's get one thing clear, your dog has too much hair, and the Furminator was sent by aliens in the future to help you fix that. This is the be-all and end-all of grooming products for your dog. If you hate having animal hair in your house, and have the discipline to use it every week, the Furminator will change your life." —Seth A. Ratner

Get it from Amazon for $22+ (available in XS to giant).

19. And this shoe cabinet to keep your expensive sneakers from becoming chew toys.

Promising review: "We bought two of these to help organize our shoes, hats, and gloves. The great thing about them is that you don't have to use them just for shoes. They were a little tricky to assemble but once you did they look amazing and work really well." —Drwilla

Get it from Ikea for $25 (available in black/brown and white).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.