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29 Products That'll Stop You From Wanting To Kill Your Roommate

Because you love EDM...but not at 5 a.m.

1. This corner caddy to help keep the clutter down in your shared shower.

2. A privacy bed tent that'll let others know when you reaalllllllllly shouldn't be bothered.

3. A shower locker for insuring that all your expensive hair stuff is only used by *you*.

4. A whiteboard/pushpin board so all your messages and bills stay in sight.

5. This pair of noise-canceling headphones for those times you need to block out the guests who have outstayed their welcome.

6. Plus a jar of sleep supplement gummies to really help you knock out early for that exam in the morning (even with all the noise).

7. This grooming apron for keeping all those tiny shavings off the damn sink.

8. An eco trash can that'll make replacing the bag less of a chore.

9. A fridge locker to keep your most valuable snacks safe from wandering hands.

10. This smart plug that can be programmed to shut off the lights at that no one can ever forget.

11. These padded latch catchers to stop common area doors from being slammed shut.

12. A noise machine for blocking out sex grunting through paper-thin walls.

13. This automatic ice maker so you'll never have to refill the ice trays again.

14. A bill-splitting app to help sort out who pays what on which bill.

15. This magnetic dishwasher indicator to rid you of the clean/dirty dish mystery.

16. This notepad to let others know when you're down to the last bits of your last grocery trip and it's time to go shopping.

17. A letter rack that'll make it easy to sort through all the mail β€” it even has little hooks for your keys.

18. Some Poo-Pourri to keep on top of the toilet, because you really just don't want to be that ~acquainted~ with your roommates.

19. This TubShroom for stopping all your hair from clogging up the drain.

20. These color-coded bins to make recycling easier and much more clear.

21. Or if you prefer recycling bags, these will also do the job at a cheaper price.

22. This door guard that'll help block out sound as well as cold drafts.

23. These reusable chalkboard stickers so there's no question as to what's in that weird jar in the pantry.

24. Or a label maker to help you keep track of what's yours.

25. Some pod detergent to keep in your room (so you don't have to lug the jug back and forth to the washer).

26. These anti-snoring devices for keeing those z's down to a reasonable level.

27. And a jar of earplugs for the nights when those devices aren't working.

28. A Nest thermostat to put an end to the temperature wars.

29. And a personalized mug that no one else will be able to pass off as their own.