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    16 Clever Ways To Make Going To The Beach Even Better

    BuzzFeed reader tips to let you coast through your next beach visit.

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the tips, tricks, products, and hacks they use when they head to the beach. Here's some of their clever advice:

    1. Use some spray-on sunblock — it's easier to apply on yourself and the more ~wiggly~ ones in your group.

    "Sunblock you can spray on is my favorite. My toddler is a busy little runner, and a ginger like me, (except she has green eyes rather than blue, but whatever). So, it is essential that I am able to re-apply her and my sunblock (SPF 50 or higher) on the go!" —Megan L., Facebook

    This spray-on sunscreen is available from Amazon for $16 (available in five styles and six sizes).

    2. Bring along a heavy-duty bag that'll stand up to the elements.

    "The best bag to bring to the beach is a Sea Bag! Every bag is made in Maine (by hand!) from recycled sails, so each one is unique. They're heavy-duty, water-resistant, and have a very nautical/beachy feel to them." —Camille E., Facebook

    The Sea Bags collection is available (seen above) is here.

    3. Give people the ~what's up~ to create a safe sense of community.

    Portlandia / IFC Original Productions

    "Greet the people around you. There was an episode of What Would You Do? that featured how just saying even a simple greeting to others created a sense of community and they were much more likely to defend your stuff if someone shady came around." —joannan41ad9e2f0

    4. Get dressed faster and less awkwardly when there's no changing room using some towel clips.

    "If I am planning on changing clothes where theres no toilet or changing room I always bring a crocodilehairclip (right word?) to pinch together the towel so I can use both hands and get dressed faster and less awkwardly." —Erika D., Facebook

    A pack of eight towel clips are available from Amazon for $8 (available in 4 sizes).

    5. Spray on some texturizing hair spray to achieve a beachy look without actually getting your hair wet.

    Facebook: NYMBrands

    "I live in Maine so when I go to the coast it's usually to lay in the sand and people watch because the water stays numbingly cold just about year-round. I like to put sea salt spray in my hair before I go because I'm obviously not going in the water to get those natural beach waves. I recommend Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray, I've used a bunch of different sprays and that seems to work the best on my thick hair, (plus it smells good)." —Camille E., Facebook

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $15 (available in three sizes).

    6. Carry only what you need.

    "Take the minimum amount of items. The less things you have, the less things that will be covered in sand." —katherinec4f0a1ff53

    This beach bag is available from Amazon for $23.

    7. Use a luggage lock and a cable lock to secure your stuff while you're out in the waves.,

    "If you really don't want to worry about your stuff, bring two combination locks: a small luggage lock to close your bag, and a larger corded one to attach your bag to a chair, umbrella etc. You can loop in everyone's stuff and share the combination with them. It won't stop someone from cutting your bag open but it's a substantial deterrent. Don't use a lock with a key or you'll be stuck carrying it!" —mayaf4fdc9d0aa

    Get them from Amazon: bag lock for $7 (available in two colors) and cable lock for $13.

    8. Mix together some of your favorite hair conditioner and some water in a spray bottle for an on-the-go refreshing spritz.

    Ushake / Moroccanoil / Jeff Barron

    "Fill a small spray bottle about 1/3 with your favorite hair conditioner, then fill the rest of the bottle up with water." —marycatherineh3

    The spray bottle is available from Amazon for $8 and the conditioner is as well for $20.

    9. Put your phone into a Ziploc bag or a waterproof case to keep out all the water and sand.

    "I put my phone in a zip lock bag. It allows me to still use the touch screen while keeping all of the sand off. I also bring a separate grocery bag to put my towel in afterwards to keep sand out of my beach bag and off of the other items I brought."—l44ab9369a

    This phone case is available from Amazon for $7+ (available in three colors).

    10. Bring along a mesh bag to prevent sand from collecting at the bottom.

    "I use a mesh bag to put all of my beach items in. That way you don't end up with a bunch of sand in the bottom of your bag." —cbaten

    "I use a mesh bag so I can shake the sand out without taking out all of my stuff, bring lots of ice water in a Hydro Flask, put sunscreen on before I leave the house because the spray ones don't apply well when it's windy, and bring a good book." —jenj49035ea3e

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    11. Carry some flushable wipes for when you're at a beach with a not-super-sparkling-clean bathroom situation.

    "Toilet wipes — beach toilets are usually out of paper and soap — or depending on what country you're in, they don't have any at all." —laurad4169b4382

    Get them from Amazon for $11 (available in two styles).

    12. Make a kid's wetsuit easier to slip on by placing plastic shopping bags on their feet.

    "To help little kids put on wetsuits, put a plastic shopping bag on their feet before they step into the wetsuit leg!" —tatianaturners

    These wetsuits are available from Amazon for $28+ (available in 10 colors and sizes XS to XXXL).

    13. Stop sand from sticking to your skin with baby powder.

    Gvictoria / Getty Images

    "Bring baby powder to get the sand off of you and your personal items! It soaks up all of the moisture and the sand practically falls off of your skin!" —ashtynwaltrip56

    Get a bottle from Amazon for $2+ (available in nine styles and ten sizes).

    14. Put a few drops of alcohol in your ear in an attempt to draw out any water trapped inside.

    Facebook: swimear

    "If you tend to get water stuck in your ear put a few drops of alcohol into your ear. It will evaporate and draw the water out immediately." —laurag4aa0f416d

    Ear-drying aid available from Amazon for $15.

    15. Prepare for unforeseen cuts from shells and other sharp things with a first-aid kit.

    Teresakasprzycka / Getty Images

    "First aid. I stepped on a bottle and ended up with five stitches." —l434c698c9"

    Get a first-aid kit from Amazon for $6.

    16. Lay down a fitted bed sheet and prop up the corners with your bags to create a sand-proof area.

    "It all comes full circle, lol, but I use the fitted sheet trick I read about on BuzzFeed years back. We use a cooler and some quart or gallon milk jugs to hold up the sides — it doesn't keep the sand out perfectly, but it's way better than anything that lies flat. Then once we get back the parking lot we just shake out the sheet and use the water in the jugs to rinse the sand off ourselves and the playthings." —karendonner

    Get a fitted sheet from Amazon for $13+ (available in sizes Twin to King, and in four colors).

    It's a nice day out. You should just go right now.

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