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    16 Clever Ways To Make Going To The Beach Even Better

    BuzzFeed reader tips to let you coast through your next beach visit.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the tips, tricks, products, and hacks they use when they head to the beach. Here's some of their clever advice:

    1. Use some spray-on sunblock — it's easier to apply on yourself and the more ~wiggly~ ones in your group.

    2. Bring along a heavy-duty bag that'll stand up to the elements.

    3. Give people the ~what's up~ to create a safe sense of community.

    4. Get dressed faster and less awkwardly when there's no changing room using some towel clips.

    5. Spray on some texturizing hair spray to achieve a beachy look without actually getting your hair wet.

    6. Carry only what you need.

    7. Use a luggage lock and a cable lock to secure your stuff while you're out in the waves.

    8. Mix together some of your favorite hair conditioner and some water in a spray bottle for an on-the-go refreshing spritz.

    9. Put your phone into a Ziploc bag or a waterproof case to keep out all the water and sand.

    10. Bring along a mesh bag to prevent sand from collecting at the bottom.

    11. Carry some flushable wipes for when you're at a beach with a not-super-sparkling-clean bathroom situation.

    12. Make a kid's wetsuit easier to slip on by placing plastic shopping bags on their feet.

    13. Stop sand from sticking to your skin with baby powder.

    14. Put a few drops of alcohol in your ear in an attempt to draw out any water trapped inside.

    15. Prepare for unforeseen cuts from shells and other sharp things with a first-aid kit.

    16. Lay down a fitted bed sheet and prop up the corners with your bags to create a sand-proof area.

    It's a nice day out. You should just go right now.

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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.