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21 Insanely Delicious Snacks You Should Be Ordering From Amazon

You'll never be snack-a-lackin' again!

1. This Japanese snack box ($29 for one box) so you can explore snacks beyond mochi.

2. These red velvet Oreos ($3 for one pack) that absolutely need to be in your mouth.

3. These cheese and cracker packs ($16 for 30 packs) that you got in your lunch as a kid.

4. This crunchy cheese snack ($14 for three packs) that is somehow gluten-free.

5. Skinny Pop popcorn ($22 for 30 packs) that comes in over seven flavors.

6. This Rice Krispies Treats cereal ($8 for one box) that is entirely made of marshmallow and toasted rice clusters.

7. This dragon beard candy ($10 for two boxes) that is made by stretching honey into thin strands and wrapping it around a filling.

8. These green tea Kit Kats ($6 for a one bag) that will ruin you for other flavors.

9. This Crunchie bar ($5 for six bars) that has a crunchy honeycomb center.

10. This box of stroopwaffels ($7 for a box of eight) to warm on top of your morning tea.

11. This bag of dark chocolate with pomegranate filling ($19 for a two pound bag) that strains your self-control.

12. These Parmesan cheese crisps ($15 for one bag) that are perfect for low-carb diets.

13. These chocolate banana Pocky sticks ($18 for a pack of 10) that'll you'll love a bunch.

14. This candied bacon ($7 for one bag) is the best of savory, sweet snacks.

15. This nutty trail mix ($7 for one bag) is like eating a deconstructed macaroon.

16. These crunchy rice rollers ($12 for a pack of four).

17. These potato chips in the shape of fries ($19 for 10 packs) that are made from Hokkaido potatoes.

18. This crunchy peanut snack ($20 for a pack of 24) that even babies can enjoy.

19. This snack sampler kit ($20 per box) that has over 40 different treats.

20. This oatmeal fruit pouch ($15 for a six pack) that's gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and vegan.

21. These chocolate Milano cookies ($9 for 20 two-piece packs) that will always be remembered.

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