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33 Practical Products That Will Help Your Home Be The Cleanest It's Ever Been

Dust and bacteria cower in fear!

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite cleaning products: the things they use to keep their homes spic and span. Here are their sparkling✨ recommendations:

1. This can of Bar Keepers Friend that will shine up your counters.

“I use that on everything. Makes scrubbing the bath tub super easy. Cleans pots and pans like a charm.” —Elynne Gardner, Facebook

Price: $6

2. This bottle of Method Daily Shower Spray that'll make it so you never have to scrub your shower again.

“Spritz down your walls/tub/curtain after a shower and you literally never need to scrub your shower clean.” —ca1ta

Price: $9

3. The Scrub Daddy Sponge dries quickly and can be used all around the house.

Submitted by Alexandra Blessing

Price: $11

4. This Bissell vacuum that's designed with pet owners in mind.

“I bought a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pets in mind (the Powergroom Rewind Pet Plus by Bissell) and I have never looked back. Get a vacuum that suits your needs.” —Allison Elizabeth, Facebook

Price: $139

5. These dish wands with an integrated soap dispenser.

“Fill it with 1/4 dish soap and 3/4 vinegar to clean the tub and shower! Minimal elbow grease and no intense chemicals. Even kids can do it.” —Alyssa Hickson, Facebook

Price: $12

6. This straight-up jug of bleach for purging the lands.

“Bleach! Bleach the hell out of EVERYTHING!” —Bernice Russell, Facebook

Price: $13

7. This Attitude cleaner that's free of harsh chemicals.

“Attitude products are natural, free of harsh chemicals (a must when you have pets!), hypoallergenic, and work really well! I've been using them ever since I moved into my own place, and haven't looked back.” —Felicia-Marie Gauthier, Facebook

Price: $9

8. This sweeper vacuum cleaner that quickly picks up light debris without any power.

Submitted by g435066835

Price: $28

9. This long-handled dustpan that'll stop your stooping.

“A dustpan with a long handle. I'm more inclined to sweep if I don't have to bend over when it comes time to use the dustpan.” —Amber M. Freeman, Facebook

Price: $20

10. These reusable Swiffer dusting cloths that'll help save the Earth.

“I use reusable cleaning products in my home, and it saves me so much money and I feel good about reducing my environmental impact. I have a reusable dusting cloth (like a Swiffer duster) and my grandma made me un-paper cloth towels. I wash them every week with my regular laundry.” —danicat3

Price: $11

11. This Dust Buster hand vacuum for those small spills.

“I don't know how I lived without it. Now I no longer have to drag out the vacuum for trouble areas or small spills or to do the stairs. ” —Michelle Martin Corson, Facebook

Price: $50

12. These Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll make you realize how dirty everything is.

“You have no idea how filthy the handrail of your stairs is until you use Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser on it. It will both impress and horrify you.” —Sitkal

Price: $3

13. This Nature's Miracle cleaner that destroys urine stains.

“Use Nature’s Miracle if your cat has an occasional accident. I LOVE IT!! Amazon has it so cheap.” —j438f71feb

Price: $8

14. This Roomba vacuum so you'll never not have clean floors.

“I bought a refurbished one about two years ago. It keeps the hair from my two dogs and cat at bay. Rosie is the greatest thing I have ever bought. Everyone I care about gets one as a gift.” —m4c19c1009

Price: $324

15. This gallon jug of vinegar because it's cheap, practical, and safe.

“Vinegar and water to clean mirrors! Does wonders and, BONUS, it's cheap and you avoid having to use harsh chemicals. All you're left with is streak-free utter beauty.” —Olivia Gallarino, Facebook

Price: $11

16. This bottle of Pine-Sol that picks up carpet stains in seconds.

“Anyone else out there use super-strong, super-pigmented, demi-permanent hair color? Well I sure do and I don’t feel like putting a tarp down every time I use it. I either color it blue or purple, two colors that are MURDER to get out of carpet… But one day I put Pine Sol liquid directly on the carpet and proceeded to rub with a wash cloth. It came up in SECONDS.” —jlane

Price: $3

17. This 24-pack of microfiber towels that are great for cleaning anything.

“I’m really into green cleaning and instead of using paper towels all the time, I bought microfiber cloths to use around the house! They are great for everything, including folding to fit and attach to the Swiffer Sweeper!” —jennies4783ed5b8

Price: $14

18. This FURemover broom that's like a squeegee for hair.

“I have LONG hair and it destroys the vacuum cleaner, so I have to brush the carpet before doing so. Before I had a regular brush broom and it still wasn’t enough. This broom is like a squeegee for hair!” —j4d7d1dfaa

Price: $11

19. This 720-pack of baby wipes for cleaning up after your pet.

“A godsend for cleaning cat puke off of carpet/couches.” —Flutterby

Price: $17

20. This bottle of eucalyptus oil to make your own homemade cleaner.

“It helps heaps!” —necthar

Price: $10

21. This Swiffer Sweeper that replaces your floor mop.

“We don’t even keep a mop in the house anymore and we only use the wet sheets.” —mostlymelissa

Price: $11

22. This jug of Krud Kutter that'll make easy work of any build-up.

Submitted by armengwasser

Price: $13

23. This Dyson Animal vacuum that doesn't suck.

“When you have three furry pets, that thing is a life-saver. Well worth the money.” —raptorpug

Price: $300

24. This bottle of Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap that's safe to be flushed out into nature.

“It comes in a bunch of great scents, can be used to clean literally anything, and is completely safe to be flushed out into nature.” —amandah61

Price: $36

25. This Lysol Spray Mop that requires no plugs or batteries.

“MWorks just like the Swiffer, but has a refillable bottle for cleaning fluid, a washable double-sided microfiber cloth, and no plugs or batteries!” —jennies4783ed5b8

Price: $22

26. These Clorox wipes that are great for lazy cleaners.

“I use them to wipe down everything and clean up small messes. The bonus is = you don’t have to bother with a spray bottle and paper towels because they are both things in one.” —clynnko

Price: $10

27. This can of Scrubbing Bubbles that changes color as it cleans.

Submitted by nthnm

Price: $9

28. This bottle of Folex Carpet Spot Remover that's like some sort of miracle worker.

Submitted by thecanineadvocate

Price: $10

29. This Powerfresh Steam Mop that'll make your hardwood floors look amazing.

“Seriously so easy to use and my hardwoods always look amazing. Works great on tile, too.” —kllpgh

Price: $85

30. These wet dryer sheets that cut through grease amazingly.

“Sounds strange, but wet dryer sheets cut through grease without the elbow kind.” —Emma Kathryn Brodie

Price: $4

31. This jar of Universal Stone will polish up your tarnished metals and burnt pots.

“It’s a great all-around cleaner for things that need a little more elbow grease and is particularly great at cleaning/polishing metal, like burnt pots, sinks, and other tarnished metals.” —geomod

Price: $32

32. This box of Pet Fresh Oxi Clean that will abolish awful pet odors.

“Most people don’t even know we have a dog. Smells made me really sick while I was pregnant, but this made them bearable. It is strong itself, but clean strong. Not dog and poopy diapers strong!” —l4950abc87

Price: $11

33. This tub of Carbona Ceramic Cooktop cleaner that easily removes burned-on food from surfaces.

"It's AMAZING!!!” —madelineeverittm

Price: $8

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