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    21 Excellent Products That'll Basically Do All The Work For You

    These take the work out of work.

    1. These magnetic ties that turn lacing up your shoes into a thing of the past.

    2. These cat eyeliner stencils to make it super easy to get perfect lines, every time.

    3. A flexible pot clip that'll hold all your cooking utensils where you need them.

    4. This Tide pen to effortlessly remove those stains normal scrubbing can't.

    5. An automatic feeder to keep your pet fed — even when you're not around.

    6. This umbrella hat that throws sweet, sweet shade without your having to do a damn thing.

    7. A bidet for washing your butt and leaving you with a clean feeling you never thought possible.

    8. This water bottle to track your hydration with a built-in meter.

    9. A Reach flosser sure to take the hassle out of wrapping it around your fingers, plus it's easier to get in those ~small~ spaces.

    10. This robotic lawnmower to cut your grass while you go off and do more interesting work.

    11. An Echo that'll let you order pizza or extra toilet paper, plus keep track of your schedule, just by asking.

    12. A magic wallet to secure your stack of loose bills with a single fold.

    13. This super-effective scrubber for saving you time during every dishwashing session.

    14. These slippers for whisking away all the stray hairs and dust on your floor just from your walking.

    15. An Instant Pot slow cooker for stewing up a delicious meal while you're away.

    16. This makeup brush cleaner that'll accomplish the tedious task of washing up all your brushes in a matter of minutes.

    17. A Waterpik that uses pulses of water to clean the gunk out from in between your teeth (rather than floss).

    18. This rotating curling iron to quickly take the work out of styling your hair.

    19. A vegetable chopper for perfectly dicing cubes of anything you put into it, including cheese and chicken.

    20. This 6-in-1 cutter that'll make prepping your food a cinch.

    21. And a touchless vacuum that sucks up all the food scraps, hair, and debris from your floor...without having to use a pan.

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