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15 Things That'll Make Staying Organized So Much Easier

Easier than sorting the recycling.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about what they use to keep their lives organized. Here are their helpful recommendations:

1. This magnetic chalkboard for all your upcoming events and meals.

"I got a magnetic chalkboard calendar for the side of our fridge and I write everything that we have coming up for that month in different-colored chalk pens. I especially love that because then I can throw all of the little freaking papers that come home from my kids' schools away immediately. " —Bethany Hayslip England, Facebook

Price: $24

2. This over-the-door hanger stops you from being lazy and leaving stuff on the ground.

"I got one and it changed my life. I have a coat, work shirts, dressing gown, handbag, etc. and I can not be bothered going to my wardrobe and putting them on hangers every time I use them and take them off (plus my wardrobe is really small). This way, my clothes can easily be hung up and taken down in a more easily accessible place. Prevents me from getting lazy and leaving stuff on the floor or my bed." —Nicole Blow, Facebook

Price: $10

3. This Erin Condren Life Planner lets you plan your life by the hour.

"You can totally personalize them and make them super beautiful and fun. Plus, there are so many cool stickers included (and to buy) to make it fun!" —leahw492c4af40

Price: $55

4. This organizer makes it easy to swap your stuff from bags and purses.

"I bought a purse organizer on Amazon and it has been a game changer. I keep all the random little things I need for work, school, and life in it, and I can actually find all of them. Also, it makes switching up my purse an actual possibility, because I can just pop out the organizer and move it to another bag." —Tori Latus, Facebook

Price: $10

5. These clear shoeboxes help you sort all your stuff.

"Plastic shoeboxes with labels. First-aid kit, skin products, electronics adapters, batteries/fuses/bulbs, etc., all neatly boxed on the shelves." —Mark Adkins, Facebook

Price: $24 for 12

6. This life-changing book helps your downsize what you own.

"It helped me to downsize what I own, which has made me far more organized." —Brittany Morgan, Facebook

Price: $10

7. This hanging organizer keeps the clutter off your dresser.

"I keep a hanging shoe organizer on the back of my door. It’s perfect for all of those little things that don’t really have a place, and it keeps the clutter off of my dresser! —jeanniejankovic

Price: $7

8. This Panda planner increases your productivity.

Maria / Amazon / Via, Short Sorceress / Amazon / Via

Submitted by kayleighl4426052a7

Price: $26

9. This magnetic dry-erase board keeps all your daily tasks in plain view.

"I have one on my bedroom wall and it’s easily the best $8 I ever spent. I write down every assignment I have due that week, a daily checklist of things I need to pack, and any other reminders I might need. And it’s all in place in plain view, instead of tucked away in a planner or on a post it I might lose." —kayleighl4426052a7

Price: $12

10. The Google Keep app makes coordinating grocery shopping a snap.

Google, Inc.

"My husband and I both have the Google Keep app on our smartphones. One of the lists on there is a shared list we use as a grocery one. We both add stuff whenever we run out of something, so we never forget the 'list' at home. So efficient and a big time-saver in coordinating the grocery shopping!"—mumi79

Price: Free (available here on iOS and here on Android)

11. This key organizer helps you keep your shit together.

"The only thing I use to even come close to organized is a key holder that says 'keys' and it actually has a jumprope and my husband's boonie hat hanging on it. I need to get my shit together." —christalslily

Price: $15

12. These Command hooks for hanging things up in tight spaces. / Via

"These buggers are so helpful (especially since I live in such a cramped space)." —swatib4536bd892

Price: $6

13. This bed pouch that fits under your mattress and keeps your stuff within arm's reach.

"I have a lofted bed (#DormLife), so I have a pouch that tucks in under my mattress and hangs off my bed. I keep my phone, journal, sleep mask, and headphones in there! It’s nice to climb up in to bed and not have to worry about climbing down for any reason." —m40cc5376b

Price: $9

14. This magnetic bowl keeps all your small pins and ties in one place.

"Once I cleaned my desk off and found 48 bobby pins, so now I have a few little dishes sitting in my room where I put my bobby pins and hair ties. They look adorable and prevent my room from becoming a bobby-pin black hole." —carehwinks

Price: $11

15. And this bathroom tote keeps all your small toiletry items organized.

"I have one of these bathroom caddy things that people who live in dorms use. I don’t need to carry it anywhere, but it keeps all my little bathroom things corralled. Pill bottles, lipsticks, lip balm, toothpaste, etc. It prevents me (and my cats) from knocking stuff on the floor, and makes cleaning the countertop so much easier; just lift and wipe!" —jbro

Price: $6

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