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15 Things That'll Make Staying Organized So Much Easier

Easier than sorting the recycling.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about what they use to keep their lives organized. Here are their helpful recommendations:

1. This magnetic chalkboard for all your upcoming events and meals.

2. This over-the-door hanger stops you from being lazy and leaving stuff on the ground.

3. This Erin Condren Life Planner lets you plan your life by the hour.

4. This organizer makes it easy to swap your stuff from bags and purses.

5. These clear shoeboxes help you sort all your stuff.

6. This life-changing book helps your downsize what you own.

7. This hanging organizer keeps the clutter off your dresser.

8. This Panda planner increases your productivity.

9. This magnetic dry-erase board keeps all your daily tasks in plain view.

10. The Google Keep app makes coordinating grocery shopping a snap.

11. This key organizer helps you keep your shit together.

12. These Command hooks for hanging things up in tight spaces.

13. This bed pouch that fits under your mattress and keeps your stuff within arm's reach.

14. This magnetic bowl keeps all your small pins and ties in one place.

15. And this bathroom tote keeps all your small toiletry items organized.

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