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19 "Lady" Products That Will Improve A Man's Life

Break those boundaries! ✨

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products marketed to women they think men should try out. Here are their clever recommendations:

1. This dry shampoo so you can get out the door when you're in a rush.

@batiste_us / Via

"Dry shampoo for sure." kracegane

Price: $8

2. BB cream to help treat your skin and provide natural looking coverage.

"A lot of people can be insecure with their skin and a BB cream cannot only help treat your skin problems, but can also provide some natural-looking sheer coverage. It usually just looks like a lotion or sunscreen bottle." —Momo Napoles, Facebook

Price: $10

3. Midol to knock out those migraines.

@midol / Via

"Seriously though, Midol does work for migraines. I started using that instead of Exederin Migraine because that stuff made me sick to my stomach. I started getting Midol (or whatever off brand, same stuff) for my migraines and using regular ol’ ibuprofen for my period cramps. Midol has many of the same ingredients (acetametaphin and caffeine) as the migraine medicines do." cici10

Price: $5

4. Nasal strips and face wash because facial care is important.

“I don’t stand by many products. I like to try a little of everything. But I stand by these two wholeheartedly.” karlyb4358af021

“My husband absolutely loves the Biore Charcoal Blackhead Strips and also face masks. Any of them. Don’t tell him I told you though.” nikkibolet

Get the Charcoal Nasal Strips here for $6.
Get the Charcoal Face Wash here for $6.

5. A pedicure because it just feels good to treat yourself.

Nensuria / Getty Images

"It's not exactly a product, but an experience: pedicures. Every man I've known who's been convinced to give it a try absolutely loves it. Some even get them regularly now just because they feel so good!" —Cat Kelly, Facebook

Find products to give yourself a home pedicure here.

6. Chap stick because it works wonders.

@burtsbeesus / Via

"Please use some chap stick, men. It works wonders!" —Catherine Purcell, Facebook

Price: $9 for a four-pack (because you'll for sure lose one).

7. St. Ives face scrub that will exfoliate your skin and help with any acne.

@stivesskin / Via

"They have different kinds some with acne medicine and some without. They are exfoliating and cheap! They leave my face oil-free and soft for the whole day. It also helped me with any body acne I had!" madisonm4b6e23d8d

Price: $6

8. Dove deodorant that will soon be the only kind you'll buy.

"My brother swears by Dove’s powder scented deodorant. It’s the only kind he buys." cici10

Price: $4

9. Makeup remover wipes for cleaning up messes or wiping off sweat.

@neutrogena / Via

"Doesn’t have to be the fancy ones, but most smell pretty neutral (and not baby wipe scent), and are great for quickly mopping off sweat if you can’t wash your face easily. I keep them in the car, bathroom and my bag. The thick material is also great for mopping up spills in the car much better than a paper towel or napkin." shelleye

Price: $5

10. Body butters that smell so good, your mouth will water.

"The Body Shop has really high quality, all natural products, and their body butters smell amazing. Plus, body butters come in giant tubs that will last you anywhere between 6 months to a year. I highly recommend the Satsuma scent - it smells so good, your mouth starts watering." katscyborgs

Price: $13

11. Leggings, because they are pretty lit.

"I don’t know man, but leggings are pretty lit." enddya

Price: $20

12. "Girly" drinks, because they are fucking delicious.


"Like mudslides. I've never understood why it's supposed to be more manly to drink alcohol that taste like crap. Yummy drinks can get you drunk just as fast!" —Crystal Evans, Facebook

Get a recipe for a mudslide here.

13. Women's sleeping bags for keeping your body warmer. / Via

"Women sleep colder than men, so to make a 15 degree sleeping bag for both men and women, the women’s one has to have more insulation. For once, more warmth for your buck if you're female! Also, the women’s bag has more more insulation in the toe box and hips because that is where we get chilly first." victoriam486378943

Get one from Marmot for $250.

14. Yogurt because it's a fast breakfast that's actually healthy.

"I'd have to go with yogurt, because for some reason it's always women in yogurt ads. Yoplait is the brand of yogurt I buy, and it's very clearly marketed towards women. Anyway, yogurt is healthy, comes in a lot of good flavors, and makes a really easy breakfast." —Allison Libert

Price: $1

15. Concealer for when your face is having a bad day.

"Pimples or scars suck. Nothing wrong with wanting to cover them up.

Hell, even eyeliner. OMG the right man wearing eyeliner... yes. I know it's not for everyone. Even women." —Jesika Fisher, Facebook

Price: $6

16. Simple sugars to exfoliate all that dead skin off.

@simplesugars / Via

"They have nice men’s products, but their women’s scents are Next Level awesome." eleanorak

Price: $30

17. Coochy shaving cream that's gentle enough to use on both your face and body.

"Its intended purpose is for shaving your lady bits, but it is seriously amazing!! It’s so moisturizing you can use it as a hair conditioner if you need to. I use it everywhere on myself, and a lot of men in my life use it for shaving their faces and heads!! Such an amazing product." mandileighe

Price: $14

18. Skinnygirl vodka because it's just as smooth as the top-shelf brands, but half the price.

@skinnygirl / Via

"I’m a guy who loves the Skinnygirl products! The sparkling waters are also great and come in many flavors." msullivan18

Price: $18

19. And tampons, which are great for stopping nose bleeds.

She's the Man / DreamWorks SKG

"If She's the Man taught me anything, it's that tampons are great for nose bleeds." —Alex Tee, Facebook

Price: $5

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The comments used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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