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17 Clever Things That Will Fix Everything You Hate About Summer

Fall cannot come soon enough.

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Summer isn't everyone's favorite season, and it certainly isn't mine.

You sweat, get sunburns, and are just generally upset that it's hot outside. Conversations with strangers always start with that hackneyed, "Hot enough for you?!" line. I don't need more of any of that in my life. Until living underground becomes a more viable option, we'll have to use these products to make life work.

1. This personal mister ($25 to $28) so you and your dog can beat the heat.


6. This umbrella hat ($16) so you can throw your own damn shade.


10. This rapid beverage cooler ($58) so there's never an excuse to drink something warm.


12. This cooling foot spray ($10) so you can alleviate your sweaty, barking dogs.


17. This cooling gel pillow mat ($25) so you don't have to keep flipping the pillow.