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25 Everyday Products That Have Strange Alternate Uses

You can build an entire house out of binder clips.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the everyday products that they've found odd alternate uses for. Here are some of the clever solutions they've come up with:

1. Tame wrinkled fabrics using a flat iron.

"I iron everything with my straighteners."


"Works on most fabrics (the cheaper the better) and it's useful for traveling or when you’re running late in the morning."


Get a cheap-but-good one on Amazon for $21.

2. Blot your face with disposable toilet seat covers — they work just as well as their expensive counterparts.

Chrissy Mahlmeister / BuzzFeed / Via

"Before you go and spend money on those oil drying sheets, a (CLEAN) public toilet seat cover works just as well and it’s free."


Get some in a travel pack from Amazon for $11.


"Coffee filters work the same, and are less gross to think about putting on your face."



4. Spray Windex on your carpet to get out nail polish stains.

Lesbyerley / Getty Images

"I spilled neon purple polish over my beige carpet and you can’t even tell. Yes, I was freaked out by putting bright blue Windex on my carpet, but it doesn’t leave a mark."


Get some from Amazon for $3.77.

5. Use an electric blender to whip up textured paint for your walls.

"3D painting. I whip paint with an electric blender (like you would whip cream with), then I put it into a piping bag and squeeze it out. Makes for really nice home decor once finished."


Get an immersion blender for $28.

6. Soak burnt dishes and pans in laundry detergent to clean off baked-on grime like magic.

"Laundry liquid for difficult washing-up jobs like casserole dishes and burnt pans. Soak, then wipe, and the burnt food cleans off like magic."


Get some from Amazon for $12.


7. Bend up a bobby pin to make a bookmark when you're in a pinch.

"They stay in place and you can use it to keep your hair out of your eyes while you're reading! I use the bumpy side on the page I’m on."


Get a whole lot of them on Amazon for $4.

9. Wipe up grimy dishes easily with some dryer sheets.

Nifty / BuzzFeed / Via

"They clean the heck out of anything grimy or greasy. Dirty bathtubs, showers, stoves and mini blinds. It cuts right through the dirt, with no cleaner and no water."


Get a box of them on Amazon for $9.


12. Add Goldfish crackers to chowder to make it cheesy and even more delicious.

Facebook: GoldfishSmiles

"Sometimes I use Goldfish crackers instead of oyster crackers to make my chowder cheesy while maintaining the soup’s nautical theme. I mean, I suppose you can use Cheez-Its in a pinch, if you tell yourself they’re the board that Rose floats on from Titanic, but I don’t think you’d be fooling anybody."


Get a whole carton of them from Amazon for $9.

14. Complete a killer breakfast by waffle ironing hashbrowns.

Serious Eats / Via

"Peel, cheese-grate the potatoes, squeeze out extra juice, toss with a little flour, spices, and a whipped egg. Then put it all in the waffle iron until crispy and golden brown."


Get one from Amazon for $23.


15. Get some tights, and when they are at the end of their life, cut them up to make hair bands.

"Cutting the legs off old tights and using the band works really well, especially for thick hair."


Get some great opaque ones from Amazon for $9.99 (see more tights recommendations here).

17. Tame your charging cables and cords with binder clips.

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

"I use binder clips to keep my computer/electronic cords tidy and accessible. I string them through the handles, and then clip on the edge of a desk/table. Great for phone chargers next to your bed."


Get a box of them for $0.45!

18. Rub toothpaste on car scuff marks to buff them out.

Bhakpong / Getty Images

"My car seems to be a magnet for people hitting it in parking lots and not leaving a note. Don’t have enough money to go out and get paint remover? USE TOOTHPASTE. You think I’m joking? Try it yourself. It gets off paint transfer and buffs out scuffs like a dream."


Get a twinpack from Amazon for $6.


19. Or use binder clips to guard your razor blades from getting dull during travel.

Krisblackphotography / Getty Images

"I use a binder clip to cover the blades on my razor every time I travel."


"Add a pack of silica gel (free in a shoe box and other places) and stop your blades from rusting."


Get a box of them for $0.45!

20. Stop your jean zippers from running away by looping a keychain ring around the zipper and top button.

Paige Russell / Via

"I use a key ring on a pair of pants where the zipper wont stay up. I hook the key ring onto the zipper, zip it up, hook the key ring around the top part, and then close my pants. Keeps them up and you can't even see the key ring really. :) You’re welcome."


Get a whole box of them on Amazon for $6.


23. Repel pesky mosquitos with dryer sheets.

Brandonaaron / Getty Images

"When camping, instead of using bug spray to repel mosquitoes (ew, chemicals!), rub your arms, legs, and clothes down with dryer sheets! Works incredibly well."


Get a box from Amazon for $9.

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