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    23 Name-Brand Foods That Are Totally Better Than The Generic Ones

    Hershey's or bust.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what name-brand products they prefer over the generic (or knock-off) versions. Here's where their loyalties lie:

    1. Philadelphia cream cheese, because it can’t be replaced with anything else when it comes to making a cheesecake.

    2. Hershey’s chocolate syrup, for your chocolate milk, sundaes, and fresh brownies.

    3. Hellmann’s mayonnaise, the only brand doing it right with their recipe.

    4. Nutella hazelnut spread, happiness embodied in a jar.

    5. Ocean Spray cranberry juice, balancing the right amount of sweet with tart.

    6. Reddi Wip whipped cream, to deliciously top off your cocoa, frozen dessert, or mouth.

    7. Coca-Cola, because it pairs with any food. Any. Food.

    8. Kraft mac 'n' cheese, timeless and can be enjoyed at any age.

    9. Oreos, because you'll only be disappointed by the cheaper brands.

    10. Hidden Valley Ranch, to complete the soul-rewarding combo that is ranch and pizza.

    11. Dr Pepper, because the other doctors don't have degrees that are as tasty.

    12. Jif peanut butter, the only brand that moms trust.

    13. Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows, because what else are you going to use for s'mores?

    14. Pillsbury cookie dough, to help convince yourself that you're an amazing cook.

    15. Tim Tams, because the Australians want us to be happy.

    16. Craisins, crazy good additions to your morning granola and yogurt.

    17. Cheetos, because nothing else has that cheesy crunch.

    18. Nesquik Protein Plus, delicious and perfect for a post-workout drink.

    19. Cheez-Its, because what else is going to satisfy that cheesy urge on a Friday night?

    20. Cheerios, a staple in nearly everyone's breakfast that won't make you feel terrible after eating them.

    21. Tillamook, because they are so far ahead of the cheese game.

    22. Kerrygold butter, it'll melt even on a fluffy slice of bread — and in your mouth.

    23. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, the only brand I think we can all agree on.

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    User submissions have been edited for length and clarity.