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23 Name-Brand Foods That Are Totally Better Than The Generic Ones

Hershey's or bust.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what name-brand products they prefer over the generic (or knock-off) versions. Here's where their loyalties lie:


3. Hellmann’s mayonnaise, the only brand doing it right with their recipe.

"Hellmann's mayonnaise or, as it is known west of the rockies, Best Foods." —pvance608

"Don't whine if you hate ALL mayo, but Hellmann's is the best for sure." —emoz3

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11. Dr Pepper, because the other doctors don't have degrees that are as tasty.

"I just got into college and I was broke. So I got Dr Perky (the off-brand version of Dr Pepper) and the next day I practically had a heart attack." —deadessisashley

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13. Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows, because what else are you going to use for s'mores?

"Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. The generic brands of marshmallows don't taste as good, and they leave my Rice Krispie Treats hard and gross. The Krispies always come out perfect when I use Jet-Puffed." —hannahnoelle

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14. Pillsbury cookie dough, to help convince yourself that you're an amazing cook.

"Pillsbury cookie dough. It's the best and whenever I try an off-brand version of it, it just makes me think of a grade school bake sale that the parents didn't try at all in." —wangomango

"If you're going to be lazy when it comes to baking, buy Pillsbury mixes. They taste so much better in the end, and aren't too dissimilar to making the cake/cookie/whatever from scratch." —AwkwardDesertFox

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19. Cheez-Its, because what else is going to satisfy that cheesy urge on a Friday night?

Facebook: cheezit

"CHEEZ-ITS!!! I buy a lot of generic stuff but can't skimp on those. Cheese-flavored crackers are not nearly as good. Not even Cheese Nips can compare." —emily19

"I always go for the generic or store brand, except when it comes to Cheez-Its." —lesaurores

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User submissions have been edited for length and clarity.