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17 Brutally Practical Items For Wine Lovers

All of the wine, none of the fuss.

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I am not a fancy person. I just like to enjoy wine occasionally, and maybe feel a little classy sometimes.

In my philosophy there are five things you need to fully enjoy every aspect of wine:

1. Something to open wine with.

2. Something to aerate wine with.

3. Something to put the wine in.

4. Something to store wine / extend the life of an open bottle of wine.

5. Wine.

That's it. And anything else is totally balls ridiculous. These items are all under $25. They get the job done and they do it well.

1. True 1026 Private Preserve ($11)

Want to have a glass of wine, but hate having to open a whole bottle for yourself? Maybe you cook with wine often and only need a cup here and there. This can of heavier-than-air gases creates a blanket of gas over the wine to preserve it!


*Pour out a glass.

*Spray a bit into the wine bottle.

*Put a stopper on it.


The gas in the can stops air from reaching the wine, this allows the wine to be stored for longer periods after opening. Some of the Amazon reviews claim that this product has been able to preserve a single open bottle of wine up to two weeks, with some cases up to a month. Each can preserves about 120 bottles worth of wine.


3. X-Chef Stainless Steel Foldout Corkscrew ($6)

There have been many times when I didn't have a bottle opener and had to use a shoe and a redwood tree to try and get a wine bottle open. I didn't impress anyone. Don't be like me — buy this cheap opener.


7. Yukiss Wine Aerator ($10)


Aeration was something I thought was total bullshit for a long time. However, aeration does make a difference in flavor. Some wines need time to "breathe" and be exposed to air for a certain amount of time to mellow out their flavors.

This will aerate the wine as you pour it out.

8. Winco Wine Bucket 4 Quarts ($11)


If you don't have a bucket, you can use a deep mixing bowl to chill your wine in, but that doesn't look so fancy. Sometimes you'll want your wine chilled in a fancy ice bucket like you see in movies. This will hold one bottle.


11. TaZa Shatterproof Wine Glasses 16oz, Set of 4 ($23)

Breanna Woodrum / Amazon / Via

Someone you know clink glasses a little too enthusiastically? Maybe a party gets a little too rowdy and someone knocks a glass over. I've broken lots of glasses before. I'm an awful person, but there's a solution! Shatterproof glasses!