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    17 Things That'll Make It Easier To Eat Anywhere And Everywhere

    Grab one and get out the door!

    1. A flattening coffee dripper so you'll never have to be without that sweet morning pour-over.

    2. And a luggage drink holder to keep your ~very~ necessary coffee within reach when you're pulling a suitcase (plus, it'll stop it from spilling).

    3. Finger tongs for preventing your hands from becoming seasoned with sauce.

    4. A ready-to-drink breakfast with caffeine...for those who just really need to leave, like, NOW.

    5. A bento lunchbox with interchangeable compartments to section out all your food groups.

    6. A drink cup with a built-in snack container — it makes for a perfect grab-and-go early-morning snack.

    7. A stretchable sandwich container for maintaining the structural integrity of your hoagie.

    8. This salad-friendly lunch container that houses all the salad elements separately, so everything doesn't become soggy over time.

    9. A snappy compartmental sandwich kit with an ice pack layer to keep your perishables nice and cool.

    10. A water bottle with a storage compartment to keep your cash in (for those dashes out to eat).

    11. A bento-style jar so your food stays piping hot or ice-cold during transport.

    12. A premium waxed canvas buckled tote for the chic eater.

    13. A clever mason jar with an integrated dressing container for a quick jar salad.

    14. A cookbook to teach you all about making great everyday bento lunches.

    15. A self-contained parfait cup that'll insure your fruits and yogurt are indomitable during transport.

    16. A silicone lunchbox that collapses into a packable shape when you're done eating.

    17. And a pizza pouch to adorn your neck and raise awareness about how much you love pizza.

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