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Here Are All The Best Tech Deals On Prime Day

Primed and ready for some tech? We pored over thousands of deals to find the gems.

Zoë Burnett

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in a lifetime, is here!

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. Here we go…

Note: To get these deals you have to be a prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

1. Xbox One bundle ($279)

Never has there been a better price to jump on the next-gen train. Good lord it's even cheaper than the WiiU bundle.

Comes with:

* Xbox One 500GB console

* $50 Amazon gift card

* Additional controller

* Halo 5

* Forza Horizon 2

Was $455. Now $279.

Get it here.

2. Hisense 43" 4K LED TV ($299)

This might be one of the cheapest prices for a 4K TV that I've seen. It's not huge, but if you're looking to just get into 4K on a budget, this looks good.

Was $400. Now $299.

Get it here.

3. 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker ($70)

The pressure is on. This will let you cook rice, steam your vegetables, slow cook meals, and even make yogurt.

Was $120. Now $70.

Get it here.

4. Nexus 6P ($404)

This is Google's flagship smart phone that just dropped over $100 in price. One of the best Android smartphones you can get right now.

Was $549. Now $404.

Get it here.

5. SanDisk 120GB/240GB Portable SSD ($74 to $95)

Sick of waiting for files to transfer? NOT ANYMORE! This a very good deal on a super fast external drive so you can stop wasting time. If you edit video, you know what I'm talking about.

Was $151 / $100. Now $95 / $74.

Get it here.

6. Amazon Echo ($130)

This price is so low for a device that does SO MUCH! We love it! Just read our review on it here!

Was $179. Now $130.

Get it here.

7. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader ($90)

Love to read but don't want to distract yourself by reading on your phone? Pick one of these up. It's easier on the eyes and the battery lasts weeks.

Was $119. Now $89.

Get it here.

8. Google/Asus Onhub Router ($129)

This is one of the better routers you can buy. Google makes it easy to setup and troubleshoot issues when your internet goes down, and it tries to avoid wireless congestion if you live in a apartment complex.

Was $199. Now $129.

Get it here.

9. Moto X Pure Edition 32GB ($250)

This is an amazing phone for a lovely price. It even has real bamboo wood on the back.

Was $350. Now $250.

Get it here.

10. TP-Link Smart Plug ($30)

This will allow you to track your appliances energy usage and set power schedules to toggle them automatically all from your phone. Dip your toe into the future.

Was $40. Now $30.

Get it here.

11. Asus 11.6 Inch Chromebook ($140)

Need that tiny backup computer just in case your main laptop shits the bed? Of course you do! How else are you gonna turn in that paper last minute?

Was $189. Now $140.

Get it here.

12. Lumee iPhone selfie case ($34)

Didn't know this existed? Well now it does! Take more perfect selfies in even the dimmest lighting!

Was $49. Now $34.

Get it here.

13. SanDisk 128GB USB flash drive ($23)

It's also as small as your thumbnail.

Was $30. Now $23.

Get it here.

14. RIF6 Mobile Projector ($190)

I don't do yoga, and if I did I certainly wouldn't watch a video while doing it. This is more for watching movies inside your sweet bed sheet fort!

Was $290. Now $190.

Get it here.

15. Amazon Fire Tablet ($33)

Need a cheap tablet for school? Look no further, because this is as cheap as it gets.

Was $50. Now $33.

Get it here.

16. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones($50)

Great earbuds for those who are ~active~ and want something that will resist sweat and stay comfortable for long wear periods.

Was $99. Now $50.

Get it here.

17. Vizio 5.1 Channel Sound Bar ($200)

Sounds like a good deal.

Was $480. Now $200.

Get it here.

18. GoPro Hero Session Bundle ($199)

Comes with:

* Hero Session

* 32GB Micro SD Card

* GoPro Wi-Fi Remote

* Carrying Case

Was $270. Now $199.

Get it here.

19. Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope ($14)

Ultra bright, flexible, magnetic, waterproof LED light rope that runs off of any USB power source. Great for camping!

Was $20. Now $14.

Get it here.

20. Amazon Fire TV Stick ($35)

Looking for a cheap streaming option? Well look no further. This just plugs into your HDMI port on any TV and you can stream Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and more.

Was $50. Now $35.

Get it here.

You can also get it without the fancy voice activated remote for $25 here.

21. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 ($50)

A very popular choice in webcams! It's 1080p and has a stereo mic. Many Twitch streamers use this for their face cam. Just read my post on Twitch streaming stuff!

Was $63. Now $50

Get it here.

We’ll be updating this post with more deals throughout the day.

And if those aren’t enough for you, you can check out our round up of all the best deals here, the five things you should actually buy here and all the deals from Prime Day here.

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