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26 Incredibly Cool Gifts Your Kids Haven’t Gotten Yet

Kids... right... that's who I'll buy them for.

1. A Kano DIY kit that has kids put together a simple computer that they can learn to code on.

2. An advanced version of tic-tac-toe that will have kids thinking on a deeper level.

3. A stackable marble maze that's quite... a-maze-ing.

4. A high-stakes game where you try to distribute tension across all the pieces on board.

5. A volcanology kit that will create some magma mayhem in your kitchen.

6. An Osmo Coding set to introduce kids to computer science by having them stack blocks to control what's on screen.

7. Bloxels that let kids build their *own* game and create tricky levels.

8. A kid-friendly tablet that's rugged and loaded with educational apps and activities.

9. Bath toys for constructing and experimenting with different water pipe chains.

10. A giant Tetris-like game that will help teach basic concepts of geometry.

11. A LittleBits kit that'll have kids turning everyday objects into interactive inventions.

12. A stacking game that's like a more intense version of Jenga.

13. A small robot that learns and evolves the more you hang out with it.

14. A tablet that uses magnets and beads to create tactile drawings.

15. A simple card game that rewards players who can quickly recognize matching or clashing patterns.

16. A crystal lab set that allows you to grow up to eight different colored gems.

17. A puzzle sphere that will help kids develop hand-eye coordination.

18. A straw construction set that'll have kids engineering life-sized structures.

19. A set of blocks that you can light up after you've finished stacking them.

20. An edible chemistry set that uses cabbage to make fizzy drinks or color changing foaming jelly.

21. A chalk-trailer that you can hook onto a bike to make patterns as you ride.

22. A DIY fluid-powered robotic arm that can rotate and pick up objects.

23. An interactive math learning system to help kids grow their problem solving skills.

24. A programmable robot that you can control (and solve puzzles with) by drawing on paper.

25. A subscription box program that sends you projects to help kids tinker, create, and innovate.

26. A DIY electro dough kit has kids creating and bringing sculptures to life with light and sound.

27. A set for transforming LEGO bricks into a drone.

28. And these chalk blocks that kids can stack and draw on.

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