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    28 Amazing Brands That Real People Actually Swear By

    These are the brands to bend the knee to.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about that brands that have forever won their business. Here are where their loyalties lie:

    1. Nalgene, their bottles are nearly indestructible and they will replace them if they DO break.

    "Nalgene! if you break any of their bottles, they'll replace them for free. I had one crack after freezing it with too much water in it. I admitted it was my mistake and they still replaced it. The process was super easy and they were really nice. They actually sent me my replacement and someone else's order by accident. I offered to ship back the 42 bottles and they insisted that I keep them." β€”ambahh

    Get a water bottle of your own from Amazon or Nalgene.

    2. Kotex, a feminine hygiene products brand that tells it like it is.

    "U by Kotex because they celebrate women and periods!" β€”samk32

    Check out their store on Amazon or Kotex.

    3. Jif, a peanut butter brand choosy moms prefer.

    "Honestly, and this is going to sound really odd, but Jif peanut butter. Peanut butter is my absolute favorite food and, imho, nothing beats Jif. I legit judge people harshly if they like other brands (especially Peter Pan)." β€”rebecca0815

    Get some from Amazon or Jif.

    4. Lush, a cosmetic store with all-natural and cruelty-free products.

    "Lush. 100%, a thousand times over, Lush. I'll be honest, I never used to care about what I put on my skin or what it was made of. But Lush is all-natural, not tested on animals, and openly supportive of the LGBTQ community. Lush has made a difference in my skin the way no other products ever have (and I tried them all)." β€”kendral464ad75b4

    Check out all their offerings here.

    5. American Eagle, an apparel brand where you'll find a pair of jeans that were made just for you.

    "I hate to say it (because I'm 30), but American Eagle is the only store where I can find jeans that fit. I hate that they still have a lot of the distressed denim, since I'm 30 and have a career, but no other brand fits me like they do." β€”denadar

    See their store here.

    6. Lululemon, an athletic apparel retailer that makes a damn good pair of leggings.

    "Lululemon because every employee I've met in their stores is nice, and I always find clothes that fit and give me confidence in myself." β€”meigp

    See their store here.

    7. Birkenstocks, an iconic shoe brand established in 1774.

    "Birkenstocks! I will always be faithful to real Birks. I've tried knock-offs from places like American Eagle or Softmoc but nothing compares! They work so well for my flat feet. I can wear them with anything, and I'm still rocking a pair from the '80s that my mom had β€” true good quality!" β€”erikal4b87fef41

    Get a pair from Amazon or Birkenstocks.

    8. Deva Curl, a hair care company for those with the curliest of hair.

    Facebook: DevaCurl,

    "Deva Curl hair care products! As someone who has always struggled with finding products to help me love my unruly curls, finding Deva Curl has saved my life! Not only that, but they are cruelty-free, which is always a plus in my book!" β€”reillyjae

    See their store on Amazon, Sephora, or DevaCurl.

    9. Urban Decay, a cruelty-free cosmetics brand.

    "Urban Decay. My first palette was from them in middle school β€” Naked Basics. I've bought that palette three times now as I'm a junior in college. I've used it in a bind to make my whole face including foundation, contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even eyebrows. Urban Decay is always a sure bet when it comes to amazing products. I'll always love Urban Decay for helping me on my path to beauty and being with me for my glow up." β€”auralubellekitten

    Check out our review of the new Naked Palette here.

    See their store on Sephora or Urban Decay.

    10. Google, the search company that's made our lives easier with their cloud ecosystem.

    "I am an Android phone user, and no matter how many features the new iPhone has, I ain't switching even if you paid me. I am a loyal Google customer and always will be." β€”melissak4f9598632

    See their store here.

    11. EstΓ©e Lauder, an American cosmetic company with high-performing skin care products.

    "Their skin care is amazing and my skin has never looked better." β€”k4eb6374d6

    See their store on Amazon, Sephora, or EstΓ©e Lauder.

    12. NYX, a professional-quality makeup company with prices that are just right.

    Anamaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    "NYX. It's the perfect price when you can't afford top-dollar makeup. But it's top-dollar quality. Also, they don't test on animals, which makes my heart extremely happy. I will forever be in love with their liquid suede blue lipstick." β€”kylak12

    Read our take on their matte lipsticks here.

    See their store on Amazon and NYX Cosmetics.

    13. Costco, a members-only wholesale store everyone has heard oh-so-much about.

    "This is going to sound weird, but Costco-brand toilet paper. It SEEMS to cost more, but the beauty of Costco is you get more for less dollars per item! What you purchase is a big plastic bag with several individual 'servings' inside, like three or four regular packages of TP, that contain like, six or so rolls that are twice the size. It makes any other brand of TP seem dinky by comparison. It's nice and strong and just soft enough." β€”melissak4f9598632

    See their store here.

    14. Spotify, a music streaming service with amazing song recommendations.

    "Spotify! I've been with them basically from the start, so you could say it's my longest relationship? I use it every day, and it's money well spent.❀️" β€”taraj467a5f2bb

    Sign up for a subscription here.

    15. Marriott, a luxury hotel chain that won't let you down.

    "Marriott. I have NEVER had an issue with a Marriott hotel. Each and every one I've stayed at has been impeccably clean and otherwise satisfying. I actually wrote a letter thanking Marriott (and received a response!)" β€”sam23461

    See their listings here.

    16. Aveda, a hair care brand focused on naturally derived ingredients.

    "I love Aveda! I'm a hairstylist, and I fell in love with Aveda six years ago. I had previously worked with Paul Mitchell, Redken, Joico, and other haircare/color lines, but Aveda changed my life personally. I suffered from contact dermatitis and brittle hair all my life until I started using Aveda on myself (albeit at a professional discount). I stayed with Aveda at two different salons because I believe in the products, their focus on naturally derived ingredients, responsible sourcing, clean water initiatives, and education. They have it all, and I'll be a huge fan for all my life!" β€”stephanied44c27c131

    See their store on Amazon and Aveda

    17. Apple, the computer company everyone lives and breathes.

    Steinar Engeland / Via

    "Apple! My iPhone fell in a bucket of water and I was hysterically looking for it for like five minutes before I realized that it was in there. I blow-dried the hell of my phone, didn't use it for two days, and when I turned it on β€” it worked fine like nothing ever happened." β€”echanolois

    See their store on Amazon or Apple.

    18. Anastasia Beverly Hills, one of the first salons to introduce brow shaping.

    Facebook: ABHcosmetics

    "Anastasia Beverly Hills for their eyebrow products. I've been using Dipbrow since it came out about four years ago and have literally not used anything else on my brows since then. And I'm not looking to change it up anytime soon. I talk so highly about this brand/product when asked what makeup I use on my brows, and everyone I recommend it to ends up loving it, as well." β€”maygenh|

    See their store on Amazon, Sephora, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

    19. The Balm, a glam boutique with lipstick that has insane lasting power.

    "The Balm cosmetics. They've got a matte liquid lipstick called Matte Hues and it has insane lasting power. I've eaten cheeseburgers, milkshakes, even noodle soup, and not had to touch up or re-apply." β€”mariahr431c14185

    See their store on Amazon and The Balm.

    20. Tarte, an eco-chic beauty brand built to emphasize the importance of proper ingredients.

    "Tarte Cosmetics! No matter how many times I branch out and try new products, I always go back to Tarte for all of my makeup essentials. I love the fact that they're cruelty-free and spread a positive message through their products." β€”carliew4c6b9a53d

    See their store on Amazon, Sephora, and Tarte Cosmetics.

    21. Samsung, a Korean company set on making some of the best smartphones and TVs on the market.

    "Samsung for me. I always love what they do and the quality of their products and prices are far better for my lifestyle compared to other companies. I love the edge-to-edge screens, ruggedness of the phones (screens in particular), sleek styles, vast storage, and so much more! Keep being you, Samsung!" β€”melodyp42c5b408f

    See their store on Amazon and Samsung.

    22. Chantelle, a lingerie brand established to support your troops.

    "Chantelle lingerie. As someone with very large boobs and an otherwise small-ish figure, bras that fit well and are cute are super hard to find. Chantelle makes some super cute bras (and matching panties) that fit perfectly and are great quality. They look good and are useable for a long time. Soooo worth the price!" β€”sarahl4aae6cb03

    See their store on Amazon and Chantelle.

    23. OtterBox, a case company that is there to help the chronic phone-droppers of the world.

    "OtterBox for sure. I am a clumsy person, who drops her phone a MINIMUM of three times a day. I have had an OtterBox ever since I got a smartphone. To this day, the only time I've ever broken one is when I took it off for two days. They even have an awesome warranty policy. It's definitely worth every penny!" β€”mariajtomlinson12

    See their store on Amazon and Otterbox.

    24. Patagonia, an American outdoor clothing company with an iron-clad guarantee.

    "Patagonia. Their pullovers are so soft and warm. I've had mine for almost five years and it's still fuzzy." β€”willak2

    See their store on Amazon and Patagonia.

    25. L.L.Bean, a classic outdoor apparel company known for making some of the most buy-it-for-life stuff out there.,

    "L.L.Bean. I have a fleece-lined flannel that I've had for years and it still looks and feels the same as the day I got it. I've used the same L.L.Bean backpack to carry around my heavy college books for six years now and it is still intact and one of my best purchases. I swear by their products. They are sturdy and comfortable. A lot of their more expensive products have a lifetime warranty, too." β€”caseyh419c9135a

    Find them at L.L.Bean: Lakewashed Sport Shirt for $44.95 (sizes S–XXL, and three colors), and the Sweater Fleece Jacket for $69.99 (sizes XXS–XL, and seven colors).

    26. Converse, a shoe company famous for creating one of the most iconic pieces of footwear.

    "Converse. Best shoes in the world, tight-fitting, stylish, and classic. Been wearing them for literally half of my life, and I would NEVER betray them and buy a single pair of Vans. *shudder*" β€”camilaapedrosa

    If you like the look above, you can find their pride collection here.

    See their store on Amazon and Converse.

    27. Burt's Bees, a personal-care products company striving to make earth-friendly things for the greater good.

    "Burt's Bees, for sure! Their lip balms are better at keeping my lips moisturized than other products, and their skin care is one of the few lines that doesn't drive my sensitive skin crazy. They also make some pretty nice lipsticks, too." β€”mollypi

    See their store on Amazon and Burt's Bees.

    28. Chewy, a pet supply company that actually cares about you and your pet., Facebook: Chewy

    "For those of you who have pets, is an awesome company. The food is a bit cheaper than buying it in store, they ship your order quickly, and will rush it (free of charge) if necessary. They have the best customer service. When my cat passed away, I inquired about returning an unopened bag of prescription cat food I had received recently (I was on a subscription plan from them). They not only refunded my money but told me to donate the food to a shelter, and they even sent me a condolence card. Another time, the formula of my dog's food had changed without me knowing, and made her very sick. They again refunded my money without having me ship the food back to them, and they rushed a new order of a different type of food. They really care about their customers and their pets and will go out of their way to help you. I will always buy from them!" β€”roria3

    See their store at Chewy.

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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