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    22 Long-Lasting Products That Are Worth The Investment

    You'll be able to pass these down to your children.

    1. This cast-iron skillet that could probably survive a nuclear apocalypse.

    2. A handy multi-tool featuring 17 nifty tools to help you get through most of life's situations.

    3. This travel mug that makes taking small sips while driving safe and easy.

    4. A practical no-frills chef's knife sure to keeps its edge day after day.

    5. This powerhouse of a blender that'll destroy virtually anything you throw into it.

    6. An extremely versatile single-cup, easy-to-clean coffee brewer.

    7. This impact-resistant water bottle able to stand abuse from even the most rugged backpacking trip.

    8. These wool socks that'll take years to wear down and have a lifetime guarantee.

    9. An 8-cup coffee brewer for maintaining steaming-hot temperatures, even if you leave for a few hours.

    10. This edge-grain cutting board durable enough to be passed down through generations of your family.

    11. A quality mechanical keyboard with keys that are rated to take over 50 million presses.

    12. This efficient stainless-steel mug for keeping soups, tea, or broth at piping-hot temperatures.

    13. This handsome toaster oven to keep you baking and toasting for years to come.

    14. An electric kettle that will consistently heat your water to just the right temperature.

    15. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can submerge underwater for up to 30 minutes without issue.

    16. A rugged AF backpack that'll hold up, even when you're crawling through the mud.

    17. An enameled dutch oven that can resist chipping and cracking for hundreds of oven cycles.

    18. This vacuum insulated water bottle able to retain your cold drink's temperature for up to 24 hours.

    19. These famous leather boots that will likely outlast any other pair you own.

    20. This workhorse of an electric mixer—it won't let down even the most avid baker.

    21. An induction rice cooker for preparing a flawless bowl of rice every day.

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