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23 Cheap Things That'll Solve So Many Little Problems In Your Life

It's the small things that count.

1. This sleeve to hold your hot styling tools when there's no room in your bathroom.

2. These handles to help you carry groceries to your home in ONE TRIP.

3. This water bottle/bowl hybrid that combines to make a mess-free hydrating experience for your buddy.

4. A tiny brush and pan set for sweeping up those countertop nuisances.

5. This scraper that'll get all the foul gunk sitting on your tongue off.

6. A jar opener to make quick work of those stubborn jams and sauces.

7. This wire whisk that folds flat for easy cleaning between all the layers.

8. A wearable nail polish holder to eliminate the need to clear out a surface space to do your nails.

9. This edamame keychain for taking the edge off those anxious moments.

10. A leather cord wrap that'll tightly pack up all your loose earbud cords.

11. These chair socks to prevent your floors from getting all scuffed up.

12. This car seat gap filler that'll stop your change, fries, and glasses from falling into the car-muda triangle.

13. A set of duvet clips to keep your comforter from venturing around inside the cover.

14. This fog-less mirror that lets you clearly see all the patches you would've missed shaving.

15. A quick-drying shower caddy so your shampoo bottle doesn't tip off that shallow ledge another fucking time.

16. This soap/sponge dish that allows your sponge to dry faster, because no one wants to pick up anything that is cold and wet.

17. A bedside organizer to act as a night stand when you don't have room for one.

18. This thumb page holder that'll flatten out new paperbacks and lets you read with one hand.

19. A honeycomb drawer organizer for neatly segmenting all your small garments.

20. These all-purpose wraps that fasten your small items together... or suspend things like bottles from your bag.

21. These blackout curtains to cut out those bands of light that seem to sneak through your blinds.

22. A set of seat hooks for hanging up groceries, purses, and bottles, preventing them from rolling around your floor space.

23. These dusters specially designed to make wiping down your blinds or car vents a cinch.

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