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25 Cheap Products That'll Actually Improve Your Life

Small improvements add up!

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A seat gap blocker stops your fries and change from falling down into the Carmuda Triangle.

Promising review: "Drop Stop changed my life. I've lost so many items I can't retrieve (pens, pencils, tweezers, coins, scissors, etc.) between where my seat and the center panel thing is with the emergency brake. Once, I tried to get something from between there and ended up slicing my finger open. Now nothing falls in that black abyss and I don't lose my supplies during the day. I could not be happier with Drop Stop!" β€”Emily TaargΓΌs

Get a pair on Amazon for $20.

2. A sponge dish. No one likes to pick up a cold, wet sponge. So just get one already!

Promising review: "This is one of those cheap purchases you make that pays off big. I honestly can't imagine my life without this. I go to other people's houses and judge them when I see their sponges, just LYING THERE on the counter or the bottom of the sink. What are you, an animal? Get some self respect! Put it in its place!" β€”Kevin T Beyer

Get one from Amazon for $7.

3. Wet cleansing wipes. Once you start using them, you'll never go back. Your butt will have never felt cleaner.

Facebook: cottonelle

Promising review: "Soft. Wet. Plentiful. These are the virtues of bottom-cleansing wipes fit for a king. These refills ensconce nicely into their made-by-Cottonelle plastic dispenser that sits atop my bathroom windowsill, bathing in the light of the eastern sun. Buy them and feel like a kingβ€”for the price of a pauper." β€”JohnnyForensic

Get a pack of eight on Amazon for $19

4. A sharp knife that'll actually slice through stuff without using all your might.

Twitter: @Wusthof

Promising review: "I have owned this knife for a little over a month. It is ridiculously sharp and feels great in my hands. I have prepped several meals a week with it. I am not a chef, but a single guy who cooks healthy cheap food. This knife was a fantastic deal for the quality." β€”Nick F.

Get one on Amazon for $30.

5. A pack of dental flossers that'll make flossing less of a chore. They also have an integrated toothpick!

Promising review: "This is the best floss product I have ever experienced. My teeth are close together, and these slide right in. There is no comparison between these and the other ones on the market. Nothing like having to force floss between your teeth and having it break or hit your gums too hard, so these are worth their weight in gold. If they stop making this product, I would be bummed." β€”DSL

Get a pack of six on Amazon for $14.

6. A bidet (a timeless treasure that just keeps on giving the gift of freshness).

Promising review: "I can't believe I wasted 30 years of my life being played by a multi-billion dollar toilet paper industry. It rubs you raw, is bad for the environment/ plumbing, doesn't even get you clean, and COSTS YOU MONEY EVERY WEEK. Are you kidding me?! I'm walking around on a humid day and haven't had gig-butt yet. This product will make you a believer." β€”Chris A.

Get one from Amazon for $24.

7. A good yoga roller to do wonders for sore muscles.

Promising review: "The amount of four letter words I shouted while rolling my IT band after getting this bad boy CANNOT be understated. Mother of Christmas this thing should be used to extract information from terrorists... or cheating spouses. However, it does the job at hand, works out kinks in the muscles and helps you break down all the bad stuff...for a really good price." β€”Katie H

Get one from Amazon for $13.

8. An electric kettle for making hot water for tea and coffee quickly. It's a damn marvel.

Promising review: "We have been thrilled with this kettle. It is a fantastic bargain for the price. We previously owned a different electric kettle that we had paid $50 for and it lasted us about 4 years. The Ovente has performed as good as, if not better, than the more expensive one we previously owned." β€”Grace

Get one from Amazon for $19.

9. A neti pot to clear out your sinuses on those days that you're stuffed up.

J. Hetherington / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "I am a year-round allergy sufferer. The Neti Pot defiantly does the trick. I was surprised when people said you need to use the pot up to 3 times a day, who has time for that? I do it in the morning before work and it lasts pretty much all day." β€”SD-LA-OC

Get one from Amazon for $12.

10. A color coded haircutting kit for some easy touch-ups to your hair.

Promising review: "In the past I've gone to a barber, but my hair grows pretty fast, so I expected to make the trip about once a week (at $12 a cut). The clippers are less than $20 & include color-coded guards, so you really can't mess up unless you have an extremely unsteady hand." β€”Ko

Get one from Amazon for $20.

11. A stainless steel bottle to help you drink more water, feel better, and save the environment.

Promising review: "I have at least 10 different Nalgene bottles and a few Liberty bottles, but these have replaced all of them. I use the single wall SS bottle everywhere, but most importantly, while camping. The strong steel bottle gives me something else to boil water in. Also, you can set it close to the fire and let it warm up and when you go to sleep on a cold night, you have a hot bottle by your feet." β€”Mike Brown

Get a really good one from Amazon for $19.

12. A small headlamp you'll find yourself using a ton when you're looking through a dim garage, running, or reading a book under the sheets.

Scott / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "LOVE this headlamp. I use it ALL the time, running, camping, hiking... several times a week! I even use it sometimes when I am looking for something in my house in the dark instead of searching for a light switch. I am still on the original battery too." β€”AmznCustomerBD

Get one from Amazon for $13.

13. A curved shower rod to stop the cold and clingy curtain from touching you.

Promising Review: "So far, we are very pleased. It looks great in the bathroom, feels very sturdy, and makes our shower feel roomy!" β€”Jenn J

Get one from Amazon for $24.

14. A fog-free mirror that'll help you make sure you didn't miss any spots.

Promising review: "The Shave Well mirror really works! I color my hair and when I return from the hair dresser, I need to remove the color stain around my hair line. The easiest way to do it is in the hot shower. Before this little handy mirror, I would just scrub blindly: now I can see where the scrubbing is needed so the job gets done much faster." β€”Ali Julia

Get one from Amazon for $9.

15. A pretty cheap slow cooker so you can make meals for yourself while you're out.

Promising review: "So far, for me, after one week and four meals cooked, I am enjoying the results of 'slow' cooking, freezing leftovers, and spending less, while using more fresh ingredients. With its reasonable price, this little three-quart crock pot would be a frugal investment even if you only use it for four of your favorite meals."β€”Dreamfisher

Get one from Amazon for $11.

16. Real maple syrup... because there is no replacement for real maple syrup.

Promising review: "You know the expression, 'There aren't words'? This is one of those times. If you haven't tasted this wonderful syrup before, all I can say is, reward yourself for all the good things you've ever done or will ever do, and get this right away. This one. You deserve it." β€”Pama

Get a whole jug of it from Amazon for $23.

17. A waterproof speaker so you can stop using your phone to play music when you're in the shower.

Promising review: "'Brilliant' is my best way to describe this speaker, you can take it anywhere with out worrying about water, dirt, snow, etc. Outstanding in every way, again another perfect product." β€”Rob S

Get one from Amazon for $18.

18. A card game that most everyone will appreciate when you have guests over.

Promising review: "I have never laughed so hard as when we play this, and we play it often. In fact, friends regularly ask when the next time we'll be having a Cards Against Humanity evening at my house. This game is so awesome!" β€”Anne P. Mitchell

Get a box from Amazon for $25.

19. Stretchy, versatile carabiners to add functionality without adding bulk.

Promising review: "These little buggers are so darn handy for so many uses! Put one on your keychain, and clip it to the handle of your handbag -- you'll never have to hunt for them again! I have a big one on the little pouch in which I keep my bus pass, to use as a wristlet while I'm commuting -- perfect!" β€”Jeanine James

Get a set of six for $5.

20. Duvet cover clips to stop your comforter from moving around inside the cover.

Promising review: "These little gizmos worked great, much better than I expected, especially for their size! When they arrived and I saw them, I had doubts, but after clipping them on to the corners of one duvet and connecting it to the duvet cover, I could see how well it was going to work. There is nothing worse than a duvet that gets completely twisted inside the cover, so now ALL our duvets are clipped inside the cover. Great little product." β€”momma bear

Get a set of four from Amazon for $8.

21. A toilet-paper-roll holder that'll prevent you from having to deal with that weird spring tube that's always a pain in the ass.

Promising review: "I feel funny writing a glowing review about a toilet paper holder, but here goes... This holder is head and shoulders above any other one I've owned in the past. It's super easy to load a new roll; you just push the new roll up and the old tube pops off. It's so easy that we no longer have orphaned rolls of toilet paper sitting on the counter, or on the edge of the bathtub, because *someone* in my family is too busy to be bothered changing rolls. ;)" β€”Margie

Get one from Amazon for $14.

22. Fuzzy socks to put on after you kick off your shoes at the end of a long day.

Promising review: "I am a comfy socks connoisseur and these will definitely pamper your feet. They are soft and comfy and warm without being too hot." β€”PJ Pooka

Get five pairs on Amazon for $19.

23. A question-a-day journal for tracking changes in your life and making journaling simple.

VivaHouseMonroe / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This December I will have finished filling this journal. I will cherish this book for a long time. It just so happens that I started out this journal when I was lonely, depressed, and heartsick. In the five years afterward, I met a wonderful man, became friends, dated, fell in love, got engaged, and I'm filling out this year's entries as a happily married woman who is kicking depression's butt. I got to capture all those changes in my life in this journal!" β€”VivaHouseMonroe

Get one from Amazon for $13.

24. A lacy sheet mask to melt away the stresses of the week. Also, it'll look great for your Snapchat story.

Promising review: "Love this variety pack. The packaging is super cute and the mask quality is supreme. They hydrate my face and even out my skin tone instantly. The results can last a week!" β€”Elizabeth Cain

Get a set of eight for $16.

25. A key-like multi-tool to save you from so many small inconveniences. They even have a tiny eyeglass screwdriver on them., Jose Escamilla / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This little thing is great! At first, I thought, 'I probably won't use this that much, I can get it for like 6 bucks so why not," ...well I couldn't have been more wrong. I use this thing ALL the time." β€”CGriesemer

Get one from Amazon for $7.

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