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23 Clever Car Accessories That You'll Actually Use

These auto do the job!

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things they use to make their car just that much better. Here are their đźš™ recommendations:

1. This Frost Guard that saves you from scraping ice off your windshield.

"If you park outside and ever deal with frost/snow/ice, your life will change after getting a Frost Guard. The best, most time saving $20 I ever spent." —meganj4aa442abc

Price: $20

2. This dash cam so you don't get screwed in an accident.

"I got one because I was the victim of a hit and run, and also due to how many close calls (at the fault of others) I was having. I want to be sure I have irrefutable evidence if I’m ever in an accident. Not only that, but I tend to capture a lot of dumb/dangerous driving from others, which serves as a reminder of why I bought the dashcam in the first place." —blackzephyr

Price: $120


3. This seatbelt cutter tool for daring escapes.

"In northern Wisconsin, driving your vehicle on the frozen lake to go ice fishing is a big deal. An essential tool if you’re going to do that, is an item that can break the car window and cut your seatbelt. When people do drive on the ice, 99% do drive with the windows open and their seat belts off just in case they break through." —emilyb77

Price: $10

4. This Bath and Body Works vent-clip that will greet you with sweet scents and freshness.,

"I have two in my car (currently filled with the watermelon lemonade scent) and I am greeted by the sweet smell of freshness each time in get in the car. Obsessed! Plus, they’re super adorable and come in a ton of designs and scents." —brookem4803f1623

Price: $15

6. This survival kit because you never know when disaster will hit.

"I’ve never been at home when a destructive earthquake has hit, but so far I've been able to get home within 12 hours. But some day I won’t." —maryann02

Price: $95


7. This Twistep to create a platform to help your dog jump into the back of your car.

"It hooks to the hitch, rotating out for use, and back under for driving. It makes that big leap into the back (or the need for a boost from me) unnecessary! My doggies waltz right up like a regular stair!" —kellyd43b5fb356

Price: $250


11. This backseat pet cover that will keep your car clean and stop your pet from slipping.

"This cover protects the entire back seat, plus the backs of the front seats. It has handy pockets to keep leashes, treats, etc. And it’s affordable, considering how great it is! Well worth the money!" —meganf4384a5a1f

Price: $20

13. This battery pack that will jump your car and charge your devices.

"It will charge your battery without needing another vehicle. That really saved me when I had my old car." —nemi1969

Price: $60


16. This fire extinguisher for when the mixtape is too good.

"Most car fires aren't the flaming explosions in the movies: they start in the electrical system, often in the dash. If you can nip it the bud, the damage may not be too bad (you'll still probably need a tow), but if you have to wait for emergency services, that five minutes is often enough to have your car turn into a bonfire." —Shelley Elwood, Facebook

Price: $20


19. This sunshade to keep your car cooler in the sun.

Bogart/Amazon / Via

"They’re cheap and it only takes a few seconds to put it in the windshield when you’re getting out of the car. It reflects away the sun. It keeps my car at least 20° cooler in the summer. No more big whoosh of air so hot it could cook you when you open the door" —renan4406f03ee

Price: $13

21. This bag of bamboo charcoal that absorbs all of your unpleasant odors.

"I bought a car whose previous owner had smoked in it. I kid you not, within a few days, the smell was GONE. Just put this in the sun every so often to 'rejuvenate' the charcoal for a long-lasting, clean air smell." —asplashoflime

Price: $10


23. This roadside kit to help in any unforeseen emergency.

"I got a roadside kit when I got my first car way back in the day and out of all the stuff in it, the jumper cables are the only things I’ve ever used." —RCIAG

Price: $22

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