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23 Clever Car Accessories That You'll Actually Use

These auto do the job!

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things they use to make their car just that much better. Here are their 🚙 recommendations:

1. This Frost Guard that saves you from scraping ice off your windshield.

2. This dash cam so you don't get screwed in an accident.

3. This seatbelt cutter tool for daring escapes.

4. This Bath and Body Works vent-clip that will greet you with sweet scents and freshness.

5. These weatherproof floor mats that will make cleaning your car so much easier.

6. This survival kit because you never know when disaster will hit.

7. This Twistep to create a platform to help your dog jump into the back of your car.

8. This remote starter so you can have your car toasty warm before you get in.

9. This mounted notepad for writing down your deep thoughts or accident details.

10. This bag of cat litter to help your tires get unstuck in the snow.

11. This backseat pet cover that will keep your car clean and stop your pet from slipping.

12. This Garmin GPS so you don't have to drain your phone or use your data.

13. This battery pack that will jump your car and charge your devices.

14. Photo boxes to help you organize your supplies.

15. This small trashcan you can strap to the back of your seats.

16. This fire extinguisher for when the mixtape is too good.

17. This AUX cable so you can play your podcasts on the road.

18. This Swiss Army rescue knife that can handle any situation.

19. This sunshade to keep your car cooler in the sun.

20. This air compressor for all your deflated tire needs.

21. This bag of bamboo charcoal that absorbs all of your unpleasant odors.

22. This purse hanger keeps all the shit in your purse from spilling.

23. This roadside kit to help in any unforeseen emergency.

And also this.

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The comments used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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