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Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

A watch you can draw on, a baguette for your wrist, and a tiny pool table: How far can *you* get without buying something?

Jenny Chang / Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

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Welcome to another edition of “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?” HAPPY HOLIDAYS YO!

I am your host, Jeff. The game is simple. Try to make it through this entire post without buying something. The list may seem like it’s random, but it’s not.

Don’t plan to buy anything? That’s OK! Stay and enjoy my groanworthy jokes! I italicize each pun for maximum cringe.

Come up with a better pun? Post in the comments! I DO READ ALL THE COMMENTS!


1. These table coasters that you wouldn't mind leaving out.

Coaster?! I hardly kno... nah just kidding. Sorry, if I did that joke one more time I would be the one really coasting.

Price: $22

2. This lovely pour-over brewer with a wood base and metal filter.

If I had to choose a coffee creating device, this is the one I wood pick.

Price: $36

3. This tabletop container to hold all those loose items.

But the one thing it can't contain is your excitement.

Price: $33

4. This watch you can draw on, or have your friend who is more artistic draw on!

If I owned this, I would really have to take my time with it.

Price: $10

5. This chef toolset designed for the tiny aspiring cook in your life.

Cooking will never have a dull moment with these!

Price: $49

6. This mini pool table to settle those small bar bets.

How cue-t!

Price: $17

7. This shot glass with a .308 bullet going through it.

You know... for taking shots.

Price: $15

8. This beard hair catcher so your roommates don't hate you when you shave.

Clean up any of those hairy situations.

Price: $30

9. BuzzFeed's Fuck 2016 glasses to celebrate the coming of (hopefully) a better year.

Let's hope 2017 won't be quite the spectacle as it was last year.

Get it from the Fuck Shit Shop for $10.

10. This hot chocolate on a spoon to make any drink into that cold weather indulgence.

Sweet idea.

Price: $14

11. This baguette wrist rest for the die hard carb lover.

It'll fit the bread-th of your keyboard.

Price: $25

12. This pun card game so you can help me make more puns in the comments.

I take it a-pun myself to try and make a unique pun for each item. Dude, it's hard.

Price: $18

13. This bookmark that tells you exactly where you left off.

This bookmark never gets lost. It always knows its place.

Price: $10

14. This book that illustrates untranslatable words from around the world.

Jeffed [jae-f-ed] (noun) | That feeling when you can't create a pun for something.

Price: $10

15. This game of Wine-Opoly that has you learning facts about wine while you destroy your opponents.

Destroy your opponents. Achieve grape-ness.

Price: $20

16. This map of the world that lets you scratch off countries you've been to.

I don't travel very much, I would have made it out without a scratch.

Price: $29

17. This book tissue dispenser for those teary moments when reading.

Dispenser?! I hardly know her!

HA! Yeah, sorry.

Price: $15

18. This headphone stand that's also a USB hub and an audio cable extender.

It's so pretty I can hardly stand it.

Price: $40

And here we are yet again. At the bottom. But you can check out last weeks' edition here!

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