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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

    A bamboo calculator, a collapsible bucket, and elf ear headphones: how far can *you* get without buying something?

    Welcome to another edition of “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?”

    I am your host, Jeff. I’m back yet again for this week! The game is simple. Try to make it through this entire post without buying something.

    Don’t plan to buy anything? That’s OK! Stay and enjoy my groanworthy jokes! I italicize each pun for maximum cringe.

    Come up with a better pun? Post in the comments! I DO READ ALL THE COMMENTS!


    1. This pizza squeaky toy your dog won't be able to resist.

    2. These wire management clips shaped like leaves and birds.

    3. This styptic pencil to stop your skin from bleeding when you cut yourself shaving.

    4. A set of pig-shaped suction cups that'll keep your phone up in a pinch.

    5. This Bluetooth media button to mount on your steering wheel.

    6. These iron-on microfiber wipes you can stick on the inside of your jackets for easy access.

    7. This head-shaped headphone stand that'll neatly keep your favorite pair off the desk and in their place.

    8. These magnetic frame mounts to make it easy to swap one photo for another.

    9. A minimalist clothes rack that can mount on any door hinge.

    10. This phone stand to make your iPhone look like an old Macintosh.

    11. This Oregon Trail card game that'll have you and your friends dying of dysentery in no time.

    12. A bamboo calculator you'll be oddly proud to whip out in class.

    13. These Thumb Chucks that are easy to pick up and keep your hands busy.

    14. These headphones to turn your boring ears into elf ears.

    15. This collapsible bucket that'll make any dog extra proud of its owner.

    16. This dual tea and coffee cup for maximum versatili-tea.

    17. And this flexible lid that looks like a banana leaf.

    And that about wraps it up for this week!

    If you're looking for more, there's always last weeks' edition that you can find here.