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Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50

Stain-proof t-shirts, slingshots, magnetic lights: how far can *you* get without buying something?

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Welcome to another edition of Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50!

I am your host, Jeff. The game is simple. Try to make it through this entire post without buying something. The list may seem like it's random, but it's not. This series should actually be called, "Jeff's Favorite Things." But I don't have that big of an ego.

Don't plan to buy anything? That's OK! Stay and enjoy my lame jokes! GOOD LUCK, ALL!


4. This simple hydrophobic t-shirt ($45 to $49) makes you immune to ketchup attacks.

Nothing will be able to rain on your parade.

Get the men's T-shirt here ($49). Get the women's T-shirt here ($45). Also available as a dress shirt here ($89).