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Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

This week: crystalized tea, solar-powered mason jars, and a microwavable journal.

1. This special notebook ($27) that you can erase by microwaving it.

2. This 8-bit Pikachu decal ($4) that you can take a peek at.

3. This dry bag ($21 to $26) that keeps your valuables from moistness.

4. This organic tea ($10) that come in crystal form.

5. This solar-powered lantern jar ($30) that lights up your summertime night parties.

6. These wood blocks ($35) that have all the periodic elements on them.

7. This animal escape ramp ($14) that saves all the cute woodland creatures from drowning in your pool.

8. This chicken soup ($10) that you can brew in a K-Cup machine.

9. This hammock chair ($39) that you can hang from a tree.

10. This travel French press ($31) that will also keep your coffee/tea hot for hours.

11. These glass storage containers ($23) that have lids that will snap together so you don't lose them.

12. This memory foam bed ($20 to $24) so your pet can sleep in bliss.

13. This crafty monthly calendar ($20) that will work in perpetuity.

14. This tiered bamboo spice container ($16) locks together with magnets.

15. This square cable organizer ($9 to $11) plays traffic cop with your laptop setup.

16. This over-the-door hook ($13) folds away when you don't need it.

Did you make it through this post without giving in?? Try your luck at last week's edition!

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