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15 Products Everyone Who Rides A Bike Will Want To Own

Bikes, bells, Battlestar Galactica.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products every cyclist should own. Here are their 🚲 recommendations:

1. This dog seat so your can bring your pet with you on rides.

"Biking + small dog = BuddyRider. My 15-year-old Jack Russell Terrier loves that she can now safely come biking with us! Good for dogs 25 lbs and under. Be prepared for a LOT of looks." —Becky Lynn, Facebook

Get it on Buddy Rider for $119.

2. This crazy-looking bike bell that's super LOUD.

"It’s a really cute all-weather LOUD bell. Super easy to ring, too!" —fishstickandcustard

Get it on Amazon for $6.

3. This bike lock that will release a chemical deterrent when compromised.

"So your bike doesn’t get stolen like mine did last week." —superstarian

Fund it on Indiegogo for $109.

4. A helmet, because it saves lives.

@bernunlimited / Via

"I know it’s something that’s simple, but it really does save lives. I work in a bike shop and that is the one thing that we really want people to have just for the safety aspect of riding. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a helmet!" —haleyc48795d171

Get this one on Amazon for $67.

5. These bike shorts for those long marathon rides.

@pearlizumiofficial / Via

"Outside of the obvious ones like a helmet & lights, my husband says 'bike shorts with butt padding.' He said he’d never do another long ride without padded shorts." —RCIAG

Get some here for $50.

6. This portable speaker that will fit in your bottle cage.

"I work at a bike shop and many of us have searched far and wide for the best portable speaker to bring with us on a ride. We love the Shoqbox because it fits in our bottle cages and is tough in case of a crash (or if it happens to fall out). A portable speaker is much safer than traditional headphones (for those of us who commute) because we can still hear the traffic around us." —amarisl

Get one here for $38.

7. This bike attachment so your dog can exercise with you.

"For more bonding time and exercise with your pup!" —ldjm

Get it on Amazon for $63.

8. This tool kit holder that can roll up and fit under your seat.

"The perfect rolled-up tool kit for the beginner to the avid biker on the go. Fits perfectly under the seat and it's secure so it doesn’t rattle around. Never get stuck with a flat on the side of the road or in need of a tool for a quick repair again. You can even take the tools out and use it as a cell phone holder." —allisoneyres

Get it at Jet Roll for $45.

9. This chamois cream to reduce that ~friction~ on your butt when you're riding.

10. This mount kit to keep your phone in place on your handlebars.

"You can either buy a case that fits your phone type or attach the lock to the back of your existing phone case. The one lock is compatible with a bike mount, dashboard mount, or an arm band for running/working out. It's great to keep an eye on your stats as you're riding (if you track with an app), or you can rotate the mount to film as you ride." —k4100f8f1c

Get it on Amazon for $70.

11. This front-mounted seat so you can bike with your kids.

"We just pile on the kids and then zoom around Chicago!" —caitlinmh

Get it on Amazon for $115.

12. This bike basket so you can commute with your pack easier.

@Waldsports / Via Twitter: @Waldsports

"I thought they were dorky, but I bought myself a black basket and it saves my life in so many ways. No longer do I need to kill my back every time I ride to school." —dogzrcool

Get it on Amazon for $24.

13. This bike saddle so you can sit comfortably for hours.

"A good seat! I usually ride 60-90 miles a week and being able to sit comfortably for a couple hours is really important. The right seat for you can mean the difference between being able to comfortably walk after your ride or being in pain for a couple days." —mrsh810

Get it on Amazon for $90.

14. A bike pannier to up your carrying capacity.

Mike Lane / Via

"It keeps the splashing off your ass and provides carrying capacity." —rackontour

Get it on Amazon for $240.

15. And this bike light and horn combo that's USB rechargeable.

"This device has three functions as a light: strobe, steady, and rapid strobe. It also double as horn with a friendly tone, and an aggressive tone for those bad drivers. It's also USB rechargeable, which is handy as a commuter. I’ve come to love ORP.❤️" —leticiac4fef92186

Get it on Amazon for $60.

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