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    17 Of The Best Wallets You Can Get On Amazon

    For when your wallets are a matter of life or debt.

    1. This aluminum money clip that'll hold only what you need and nothing more.

    2. A phone wallet case able to hold three cards and a little bit of cash for those weekend outings.

    3. A coin purse combo that's purrfect for the cat person in your life.

    4. This 18-slot leather wallet for carrying the burden of all those loyalty cards.

    5. A magic folding wallet with a clever folding strap to keep your money in place.

    6. This floral clutch that's able to hold even the largest phones.

    7. A deceptively small bi-folder able to expand to hold as many as 20 cards.

    8. This wider wallet that'll remain flexible -- even with a full load.

    9. A leather card holder with a small coin pocket to stash change.

    10. A large-capacity leather clutch that'll never let you be without that one stamp card.

    11. This streamlined note sleeve with a hidden pull tab to hold eight more cards.

    12. This adorable wristlet that's lightly water-resistant, for those pack-light beach days.

    13. A front-pocket money clip to let you see all your cards and cash with a single glance.

    14. This metal card holder for securing yourself from RFID readers.

    15. A detachable wallet phone case that *also* acts as a stand when you're waiting for your coffee.

    16. A kiss-lock style card holder—it'll make you look pretty ~coo~ when you pull it out.

    17. This floral accordion-style wallet that'll let you easily flick through your library of cards.

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