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    • jeffb44

      In his written opinion at the bottom of the article the first thing that really strikes me is his complete lack of grammar beyond what could potentially be put down to an occasional typo.
      Ialways have mixed feelings about the nature of free speech because it is always the stupidest people who voice their simplistic opinions the loudest, without providing any logic or proof, or anything to imply their voice is worth hearing.Idon’t think people should be violent towards him, they are just as bad as he is, the best tactic is to either: invite him toaserious debate with people who actually think before they speak, in which he will show himself for the ignoramus he truly is in as long as it takes him to open his mouth, and no one will take him seriously; or just plain ignore him like people do with the “God Hates Fags” crap, no one takes that stuff seriously, it was shocking at first, now no one cares, they’reasmall group of backwards morons who crop up once every so often to shout and spread hate; or, as people have done here with the “you deserve grape” sign etc. openly mock them, to take them on with violence gives them strength and helps fellow nut-fucks to rally with them inaclassic “I wasn’t going to get involved but then after seeing the suffering he went through to spread his messageIfelt compelled to make my own needlessly offensive contemptuous sign and join him in calling all non-white-christian girls whores and all non-white-christian men rapists” but if you belittle them with parody they becomealaughing stock and are given no credence and no one will come to their defense because no one wants to be connected to the joke of the town or the village idiot. (Except maybe their mum, and let’s face it there’s nothing more embarrassing than having to get your mum to come in and fight your battles for you.)

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