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    • jeffb32

      A couple quick notes for y’all: Always wear an undershirt with a suit, regardless of personal sweat level, and in particular with light-colored dress shirts. They’re not needed with more casual shirts but they are straight up mandatory with dress shirts.  The bottom of suit jackets should end between the first and second knuckles of your thumbs when your arms are hanging by your sides. Much more precise than the ‘cover your butt’ directive above.  You can use a pen or your finger when tying your tie if you’re having trouble getting that dimple right. Just drape the tie over a pen or whatever as you thread it through the knot for the last time. The axis provided by the pen will allow the tie to hang cleanly then just pull the pen out as you tighten the knot. Sorry, can’t find link. FYI, the picture in #16 is a four-in-hand knot, which is an asymmetrical knot, while the purpose and defining feature of the windsor is its perfect symmetry. Most everything is great on here, but don’t forget to wear what’s appropriate for the setting you are in. Don’t wear trendy or super fashionable outfits when in business meetings with other generations. You’ll look like a child playing dress up (I’m looking at you #10). I used to work on the Hill in DC and far too many young men showed up as interns or staff asses with a ridiculous outfit a la some celebrity or GQ advert when they should have gone with a well-fitting traditional suit. Just be sure to match your selection to your surroundings.

    • jeffb32

      I feel that the author of the Jezebel piece made the right call informing the school administrators rather than the parents of the hateful tweets (whether or not informing anyone of the tweets is another discussion).  Should she have informed the people who helped raise and create such a hateful being of their public explosion, even though they may or may not have any control over said cretin?  Or was it more productive to make the administration of a school aware of these remarks when almost all have a publicly published and agreed-upon student or athlete handbooks which require students to conduct themselves accordingly, lest they risk their athletic or scholastic eligibility? Schools have a public image to be concerned with; parents and families feel the same pressure if their neighbors and peers approve. Alternatively, they may be unable to reproach and discipline their child at all. Additionally, contacting private individuals at home is far more invasive and frowned-upon than calling a school’s front office. Would you want readers calling your cell phone and telling you they disagreed with something you wrote? Re-tweet it, screenshot it, publish it, share it, and force it down, but one must draw the line at private instigation and recrimination. All that being said, the rest of the article is spot on. Great (and hilarious) work.

    • jeffb32

      At least in CA, we have prohibited employers and potential employers from asking for someone’s social media login information. Some websites suggest telling the boss or interviewer to piss off when they ask for your password, but many people are so desperate for work they are willing to relinquish their rights in exchange for employment. It’s unfortunate and abusive, which is why I’m proud to live in the out West in the ‘Nanny State.’ Bear Republic!

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