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  • Miley Cyrus Sued for $4 Billion

    After the Michael Phelps “Bong-gate”, we can’t be surprised that private celebrity pictures would get others in trouble. One California woman is suing Cyrus for FOUR BILLION DOLLARS after the poptart and her friends made faces offensive to asian-Pacifier Islanders. Miley already apologized, but that apparently is not good enough for Lucie J. Kim, who wants $4,000 for each of the million whom were affected by this in L.A County.

  • DNA in art-form!

    DNA 11 is the original creator of DNA Portraits-the world’s most personal form of art. We have propelled an entire industry with unique artwork based on genetic codes. Endorsed by the Museum of Modern Art design stores in New York as innovative masterpieces, our DNA Portraits™, FingerPrint Portraits™ and KISS Portraits™ let you make the ultimate personal artistic statement.

  • Vandals strike at Liberal party supporter’s homes, cars

    Liberal supporters in a midtown Toronto neighbourhood are in shock after several people had the brake lines on their vehicles cut during a night of vandalism. Sometime between Friday and Saturday, 14 families in St. Paul’s riding — bounded by Yonge Street, Bayview Avenue, Eglinton Avenue E. and Merton Street — had their brake lines cut. The Liberals now say at least 11 other supporters also had their vehicles hit on Saturday night in the west-end riding of Parkdale-High Park.

  • Mefeedia - Media Search & Discovery

    Mefeedia’s mission is to make it easy to find and watch video that interests you. - no matter where that video is hosted or what platform or player you choose to watch it on.


    Are you too shy to confront your co-worker who walks around without shoes or socks on? Check out this collection of passive aggressive notes and build up that courage!

  • Nameless dirty A-lister pilot? Do go on…

    Who is “Married with children and a high-flying Hollywood career, this A-lister was known at his New York performing school as “Two Tricks”, and was famous for once giving blow jobs to eight men consecutively in a closet”?

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