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15 Pieces Of Sushi That Are A Sin Against Nature

Not everything has to be made into sushi, people.

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1. For the third-grader you really really hate.

Colin Joliat / Via

2. Do rabbits love sushi? No? Cool, then don't make this.

3. That must be fun to pick up with chopsticks.

sate2801 / Via

4. Finally, entire sausages strapped onto sushi rice. FINALLY.

Lynn / Via Flickr: lynn819

5. This is Pop-Tart sushi. And yes, human beings made it, not some confused alien chef who doesn't know any better.

Robyn Lee / Via

6. Hey, nope.

Melissa Kaita / Via

7. Mmm nope please stop.

Yatta-! Truck

8. Hey maybe don't eat this.

drive24seven / Via

9. You know, you can eat fruit in sushi form, but you can also not do that.

J.M. Hirsch / Via

10. You realize that this is just fruit on rice, right?

Kerstin Sinkevicius / Via

11. This is very pretty, but also please stop doing this.

Gemma Stafford / Via

12. Did the Jolly Green Giant just sneeze onto a bunch of rice?

Dragonlife / Via

13. OK, so technically you CAN smash dry, tasteless carrots into sushi form, but WHY would you?

Amy Smith / Via

14. that chili?

Mark Lim / Via

15. Done.

Temaki Caracas

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