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    8 Schoolhouse Rock Songs That Are Actually Useful For Adults

    Who couldn't use singable facts about bank loans and artificial intelligence?

    1. For people who need a refresher course on taxes: "Tax Man Max"

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    "There are many different ways that we pay what we owe...

    Income, property, sales, utility, candy bars at my show!"

    2. To help explain the electoral college: "I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College"

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    "When you pull down on my levers for the person of your choice

    You're also choosing state electors, who will have the final voice."

    3. Some loan and interest basics: "Dollars and Sense"

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    "Why not deposit them dollars in the bank instead?

    Then at the end of the year you'll come out way ahead!"

    4. An explanation of the national debt: "Tyrannosaurus Debt"

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    "We're spending money we don't have, or so it would appear.

    The deficit is that amount we overspend each year."

    5. If you aren't totally sure how checks work: "The Check's in the Mail"

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    "Once a month your bank will send a statement to you

    So you'll know just where you stand.

    Listing all your checks and charges and deposits, too,

    To help you stay ahead and keep things in hand."

    6. A realistic look at our perceptions of computer intelligence: "Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips"

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    "It's hard to explain...

    But some people assume I have a brain!"

    7. Unsure of the costs of being an adult?: "Where the Money Goes"

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    "We make a decent living, that's true.

    But we have to pay these bills when they come due!"

    8. When you can't wrap your head around the stock market: "Walking on Wall Street"

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    "The companies that manufacture things we use,

    Like telescopes and videos and high-top shoes,

    Are looking for investors such as me and you

    So we can own shares in the company too!"

    Because remember, friends:

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