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    11 Polite Ways To Leave A Conversation

    No one wants to be rude.

    1. Push your finger against your lips and then the other person's lips over and over again, back and forth, while going "Shhhhhh."


    2. Turn away from the person speaking and nod your head toward the wall while saying, "Yes, mhm, oh yes definitely!"

    3. Pull a small, mean dog out of your pocket and announce that you can no longer neglect walking this dog.

    4. Point to the nearest human and scream, "I can't believe you just stole that!" During the ensuing chaos, slink off into the bushes.

    5. Sneeze grossly into a tissue and then apologize, informing them that you have an allergy to terrible conversationalists.

    6. Respond to everything they say with an overly-enthusiastic, "Wowzers trousers, do go on!!"

    7. Spend way too long opening up a bag of chips, and then eat each one very slowly while smacking your greasy lips.

    8. Run in place while holding the conversation, building up a powerful and obvious sweat.

    9. Scream "ring ring ring!!" and then take out your cell phone and apologize for having to take this call.

    10. Mention that you actually have to run to an event soon. If they ask what event it is, panic and say the first two words to come into your head, like "Banana Expo."

    11. Just smile and scream internally until the conversation is over.