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18 Hilarious "Star Wars" Vines

Featuring a Dachshund lightsaber battle. (Warning: Spoilers and puns ahead.)

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1. Hoth-line Bling:

2. The patience of Jedis:

3. Oppa Gungan Style:

4. Six-second Star Wars:

5. With great power comes great responsibility:

6. The chores are strong with this one:

7. Technically, the Galactic Republic has a Chancellor:

8. Attack of the Spoilers:

9. The Sports Awakens:

10. Every fan's worst nightmare:

11. The power of the bark side:

12. Cat-tooine:

13. The hidden side of Kylo Ren:

14. Millennial Falcon:

15. Chewie and Beefo:

16. This is not the droid you're looking for:

17. Just your casual, everyday Darth:

18. Han Many-os: