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    17 Photos Of Mushrooms You'll Weirdly Enjoy

    Hope you like fun guys. (Courtesy of Reddit's /r/MushroomPorn.)

    1. These fantastical fly amanitas from Sweden.

    2. This feather-ruffling Chicken of the Woods.

    3. This very happy family of tree huggers.

    4. This champion of the woods, sometimes called the Wrinkled Peach.

    5. This breathtaking Entoloma hochstetteri, native to New Zealand and India.

    6. This Strawberries and Cream mushroom that probably doesn't taste like strawberries and cream.

    7. This cute but deadly sponge mushroom.

    8. This puffball mushroom that isn't a marshmallow pillow, we promise.

    9. This beautiful Tremella mesenterica, which is fact a fungus and not spilled nacho cheese.

    10. This polypore mushroom that may as well be nature's answer to the Rorschach ink blot test.

    11. These stunning velvet foot mushrooms.

    12. This specimen of Clathrus ruber, which I'm guessing is Latin for "rich kid playground equipment."

    13. This snow fungus that I did not pull out of a used tissue.

    14. These very aptly named Stink Horns.

    15. These Mycena interrupta, also known as Pixie's Parasols.

    16. This adorable Yellow Magic mushroom.

    17. And finally,