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    17 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Computer User Will Recognize


    1. When you're in the middle of an important task and your computer just decides to restart on its own.

    2. When your screen freezes but you keep on pressing buttons anyway.

    3. When your entire job depends upon a functioning computer, but your company still won't pay for an upgrade.

    4. When that one letter keeps sticking on your keyboard and you teach yourself to punch-type.

    5. When you're live-streaming a show and the WiFi suddenly goes out.

    6. When you need a new laptop but can't afford one, so you try to get the manufacturer to replace it for free.

    7. When your computer won't work but you're too lazy to figure out why.

    8. When Adobe asks you for the 19th time that day if you're ready to update.

    9. When you've ruined your own laptop but refuse to admit it.

    10. When you suddenly receive a flashing Virus Alert and just don't know what to do.

    11. When you spend all night on a 20-page paper and your computer experiences a Save malfunction.

    12. When you've been trying to fix your computer all day and the IT guy asks if you've tried turning it off and on again...

    ...and you haven't...

    ...and it works.

    13. When you try to sweet-talk your computer to just work this one time pretty please.

    14. But ultimately you realize the computer responds better to threats.

    15. Because it knows what you did to its cousin, the printer.

    16. When you give your computer your blood, sweat, and tears, and it still isn't enough.

    17. So you give in and resign yourself to a lifetime of technological servitude.