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How Full Are You?

Not too full to take this quiz, I hope.

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  1. After you finish Thanksgiving dinner, check off all that apply:

    You are currently lying down.
    You are currently lying down but are in too much pain to sleep.
    You have one hand permanently on your stomach.
    You are groaning.
    You are screaming.
    You are mad at food.
    You are mad at food, but you also still love food.
    You still kinda wanna eat food but you think it will sicken you.
    You don't ever want to see food again.
    You have already made some leftover sandwiches.
    You were wearing a belt but now you are not.
    You were wearing pants but now you are not.
    You do not foresee a future in which you could ever wear pants again.
    You are sticky with gravy and/or pie.
    You have searched for Tums.
    You have taken Tums.
    You are too full to search for Tums.
    You're slumped over your couch in an uncomfortable position but you are too lazy to move.
    You are placing all of your remaining energy into taking this quiz.
    Your blood is mostly gravy.
    Your relatives are talking but you are too full to hear their words.
    Everything is pain and nothing is good.
    Everything is great and you feel amazing.
    Everything smells like turkey.
    Someone has already mentioned that chemical in turkey that makes people tired (Tryptophan).
    Someone else is complaining about how full they are, and it is making you even more full.
    Your stomach is making unusual noises and also sorta moving.
    Everyone in your family is waiting to use the bathroom.

How Full Are You?

You're definitely full, but there's still room for one or two more pies in there. Go ahead and live your best life. It's a holiday, after all!

You're full, but you've been fuller.
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You're full, there's no doubt about that. You are a person full of food. But you're OK; you could be even fuller than this, and that would be A Lot. Best thing to do now is just sleep it off for two or three days.

You're very full!
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Holy moly, you're incredibly full. On a scale from one to ten, you are an eleven. I can't believe you have the physical wherewithal to even take this quiz. I'm impressed. And a little jealous.

Wow, you're incredibly full!
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