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    17 Creepy Things That Will Keep You From Sleeping Tonight

    Make sure you have a nightlight on hand.

    1. Look at this beautiful crocheted baby.

    2. And this wild mushroom called "The Devil's Fingers."

    3. Would you like to play with this pretty dolly?

    4. Or this friendly fish surfacing in a river?

    5. This is when practical jokes stop being funny and start being terrifying.

    6. Oh, it's a girl and chicken eye swap.

    7. This A+ Oogie Boogie Man costume.

    8. A day in the (brief) life of a cricket.

    9. A friendly bunny rabbit!

    10. Hey, did you know that there are GIANT earthworms, too?? Lucky Australia...

    11. Look closely...

    12. This GIF just wants a friend.

    13. Go on and poke that harmless patch of moss.

    14. Ever wondered what a child's skull looks like before the baby teeth fall out?

    15. What are your feelings on leeches?

    16. Or art history classics?

    17. Anyway, sleep tight!