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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    17 Animals You'll Want To Cuddle With

    Bring it in. Bring it in.

    1. This happy camper.

    rajington / / Via

    2. This cat living its best life.

    BeyondMusing / Via

    3. This master cuddler.

    tentree / / Via

    4. This king of the waves.

    tempura_tantrum / Via

    5. This backpack pup.

    yummie4mytummie / Via

    6. This very busy work kitty.

    Blayblee / / Via

    7. This very stylish Corgi.

    cheesewiz27 / Via

    8. This bedmate.

    thirstytechnologye / / Via

    9. This wide-eyed youngster.

    lauradiamandis / Via

    10. This puppy interpretation of how we all feel on Mondays.

    FreshPrinceOfCanada / Via

    11. This perfect partner in crime.

    Lilstoner-420 / Via

    12. This dog with absolutely no reason to turn on the puppy eyes, no sir, not him.

    lizcomp / Via

    13. This itty itty itty bitty kitty.

    Tuesdaymundy / / Via

    14. This polite lady who would like to no longer be in the rain, please.

    elSabra / Via

    15. This professional model.

    16. This sleepy receiver of love.

    jas2quick / Via

    17. And finally, this God amongst peons.

    Egzo / Via

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