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16 Essential Etiquette Tips For Wedding Guests

Say "I do" to being awesome.

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2. It's rude to wear high heels if the bride is also wearing high heels, since the bride should be the tallest woman at the wedding. If you are naturally taller than the bride, it is customary to crouch and scream, "This is my normal height!"

3. If you see someone who looks like they don't belong, discreetly make your way over to them and whisper, "Are you Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers the film?"


14. Make sure to stand near the front of the cake-cutting line. More conservative families preserve the tradition that he who is last to eat the cake spends the remainder of the reception in the Goose Tank.

16. Don’t fret too much about protocol. Most weddings are casual affairs, so just sit back, relax, and live-stream the procession to your favorite wedding fetish porn site.


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