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8 Times You're Allowed To Say "YOLO"


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4. When you're whispering frantically under the covers, convincing yourself that your great-grandmother's ghost isn't haunting your room.

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"No, no, it's impossible. It can't be. Gertrude has been gone for years. YOLO."


6. When you're a teacher of elementary school children and one of them asks a far-too-serious question about the nature of life and death.

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"YOLO, Susie. Now back to counting these little blocks."

7. When you're a wise old wizard warning your young apprentice against the dark magic of flesh reanimation.

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"The ancient tomes are as clear as an unstirred pound, Faramond, that YOLO. These practices were never meant for mortal hands."

8. And, of course, when you and your other drunk friends want to see Amanda finally get with that cute bartender she's always flirting with after work.