• jdunch

      Some of the points listed above are legit but others really pissed me off.
      1- Surge in Iraq vs. surge in Afghanistan. NOT the same thing. Yes, both surges, but in Iraq we were fighting an illegitimate war based on evidence manufactured by the Bush administration. In Afghanistan we are trying to finish dealing with terrorist threats that Should have been our focus back in 2001. So making that comparison is just plain dumb. 2. Same problem. Obama promised to focus our efforts on Afghanistan, where we should have been focused all along. So yes, fewer people may have died in Afghanistan during Bush’s terms, but that’s because everyone was busy dying in Iraq, where they shouldn’t have been in the first place. 3. Drones areaproblem. This is true. (The “yay drones!” enthusiasm from both Obama and Romney in the presidential debates was just creepy). But the whole issue of terrorism puts Obama (or any president) betweenarock andahard place. If he doesn’t use drones,Iguess he sends in troops, risking more American lives? Or ends any military action completely? He’s going to face criticism in any scenario.
      5is stupid. Why are we in Pakistan? Because Al Qaeda is there. It’s Because we are in Pakistan that Bin Laden was killed. Civilian casualties are awful and inexcusable. But if we want to start talking numbers for comparison, well over 100,000 civilians were killed in Iraq (andIremember hearing that statistic toward the middle of Bush’s terms)… Finally,6and7are basically the same thing. Yes, he should be ending torture and closing Guantanamo. I’m pissed at Obama about this. But we doalot of blaming Obama for messes that he inherited (economy, wars, torture, etc.). Making change as President of the US isn’t as easy as many assume it is. Our founders instituted checks and balances forareason. Obama can’t just wave his hand and end all bad things initiated in the Bush era.  Also, this author suggests that the Dems don’t care about this stuff, but they DO care— particularly about drones and torture. Many Dems in the House and Senate have been very vocal about ending these policies. Anyway, I’m not saying thatIhaven’t been frustrated with many of Obama’s policies (or failure to push for change on Bush’s policies). Obama is very centrist and, frankly, basically conservative. That said, there is stillaHUGE difference between Dems and Repubs on many issues that matter (i.e. human/equal rights, approach to foreign conflicts). Dems may not be as liberal as we would like, but they are not as wacky-right wing as the major players in the contemporary Republican Party. What an annoying and misleading post.

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